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Recce: Small team missions behind enemy lines

By Stadler, Koos

South Africa @ 20: For better or worse

By Pennington, Steuart

Children of Africa: South African Edition

Field Companion To Roberts' Birds Of Southern Africa

By Maclean, Gordon Lindsay, With col.illus.

Title: Swaziland Christian handbook 1994

Norwich Life, 1706-1990

By Knaggs, Oliver

Shaken roots

By Biesele, Megan

Panoramic South Africa

By Cna

South West Cape

By Readers Digest

Birds of South Western Cape

By Frandsen, Joy

Garden Birds of Southern Africa

By Lockwood, Geoffrey

Reader's Digest Illustrated Guide to Southern Africa

By T. V. Bulpin, Vic Mayhew

Southern Africa: What kind of change?

By Hannon, Peter

Namibia: Africa's Harsh Paradise

By Bannister, Anthony, Johnson, Peter

African Women's Movements: Transforming Political Landscapes: Changing Political Landscapes

By Tripp, Aili

Cambridge 11: Chike and the River

By Achebe, Chunua

Africa Since 1800

By Oliver, R. and Atmore, A.

Africa in the Iron Age: c.500 BC–1400 AD

By Oliver, Roland, Fagan, Brian M.

Political Domination in Africa: 50 (African Studies, Series Number 50)

By Chabal, Patrick

The African Worker (African Society Today)

By Freund, Bill

Africans: The History of a Continent (African Studies)

By Iliffe, John

A Concise History of South Africa (Cambridge Concise Histories)

By Ross, Robert

Africa and the International System: The Politics of State Survival: 50 (Cambridge Studies in International Relations, Series Number 50)

By Clapham

The Cruellest Journey: 600 Miles By Canoe To The Legendary City Of Timbuktu

By Salak, Kira

The Big Cat Diary: Year in the Masai Mara

By Jackman, Brian, Scott, Jonathan

Girl Friday

By Lumley, Joanna

Okavango: Jewel of the Kalahari

By Ross, Karen

The Africans

By Mazrui, Ali A.

The Rainbow People of God: South Africa's Victory Over Apartheid

By Tutu, Archbishop Desmond, Allen, John, Mandela, Nelson

When Things Fell Apart: State Failure in Late-Century Africa (Cambridge Studies in Comparative Politics)

By Bates, Robert H.