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Drum: Venture into the New Africa

By Sampson, Anthony

Modern Africa

By Davidson, B.

The Road to Zimbabwe, 1890-1980

By Verrier, Anthony

Step Ahead O Level Science in Zimbabwe

By G Croft / A Chivere / P Goredema

Arrow Of God Achebe AWS 16 (Heinemann African Writers Series)

By Chinua Achebe

Egypt (Globetrotter Travel Guide)

By Gauldie, Robin

The South African Nursing Association presents Testimony to Fifty Years of Service

By C Searle

Dervish : The Rise and Fall of an African Empire (Wordsworth Military Library)

By Warner, Philip

South Africa: No Easy Path to Peace

By Leach, Graham

Chidi Only Likes Blue: An African Book of Colours

By Onyefulu, Ifeoma, Onyefulu, Ifeoma

South Africa - A visual celebration

By Hurford, Elaine, Balfour, Daryl


Agribusiness in Africa

By Dinham, Barbara, Hines, Colin

The Egyptians (Usborne Hotshots)

By Treays, Rebecca

Egyptian Prince (Piccolo Books)

By Macdonald, Fiona, Downer, Maggie

Breakfast in Hell: Doctor's Experience of the Ethiopian Famine (Picador Books)

By Harris, Myles


By Abbie Gubegna

The history of famine and epidemics in Ethiopia

By Richard Pankhurst

Voices from Africa

By Unidentified Author

The Ethiopian Revolution

By Halliday, Fred, Molyneux, Maxine

Review of African political economy

By Unidentified Author

Working paper

By Roger Riddell

Greater Ethiopia

By Donald N. Levine

Ethiopia. An heretical revolution?

By Rene Lefort

War and famine

By Unidentified Author

Household food security and forestry

By Unidentified Author

Community forestry

By D'arcy Davis-Case

Ethiopian provincial and Municipal government

By John M. Cohen

Conflict in the horn of Africa

By Unidentified Author

Working paper 26

By Igor Karmiloff