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The Disappearing Spoon...and other true tales from the Periodic Table

By Kean, Sam

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A Brief Guide to Molecular Mechanics and Quantum Chemical Calculations

Mathematics for A Level Chemistry: A Course Companion

By Stephen Doyle

Surviving Maths in AS Chemistry

By Mitchell, Robert

A Practical Guide to Implementing Clinical Mass Spectrometry Systems

By Neil Leaver

Revision Plus OCR Additional Science B(Gateway Science) Revision guide (OCR Science Revision): Revision and Classroom Companion (Lonsdale GCSE Revision Plus)

By Jacqui Punter, Robert Johnson, Steve Langfield

Essentials of GCSE OCR Science for Specification B: Revision and Classroom Companion (2012 Exams Only)

By Jacqui Punter, Robert Johnson, Steve Langfield

Revision Plus GCSE AQA Chemistry (Revision Plus GCSE AQA Chemistry): Revision and Classroom Companion (2012 Exams Only) (Lonsdale GCSE Revision Plus)

By Christine Horbury

Foundations of Inorganic Chemistry

By Gary Wulfsberg

X-Ray Crystallography

By Girolami, Gregory S.

Principles of Molecular Photochemistry: An Introduction

By Turro, Nicholas J., Scaiano, Juan C., Ramamurthy, V.

Fundamentals of Asymmetric Catalysis

By Walsh, Patrick J., Kozlowski, Marisa C.

Introduction to Molecular Thermodynamics

By Hanson, Robert, Green, Susan

Biological Inorganic Chemistry: structure and reactivity

By Bertini, Ivano, Gray, Harry B., Stiefel, Edward, Valentine, Joan

Organic Chemistry

By Sorrell T.

Student Solutions Manual for Modern Physical Organic Chemistry

By Sponsler, Michael B., Anslyn, Eric V., Dougherty, Dennis A.

Modern Molecular Photochemistry of Organic Molecules

By Turro, Nicholas J., Ramamurthy, V., Scaiano, Juan

Physical Chemistry for the Chemical and Biological Sciences

By Chang R.

Revision Notes for Intermediate 2 Chemistry

By Buchanan, Douglas, Melrose, James

Instant Notes in Biochemistry

By Hames, B. D., Hooper, N. M., Houghton, J.D.

BIOS Instant Notes in Chemistry for Biologists

By Fisher, J, J., Arnold, J. R. P.

Nature's Way Handbook of Skin Care

By Woodruff, John

The Formulation and Preparation of Cosmetics, Fragrances and Flavors

By Appell, Louis

What's Your Reaction?

By Archer, D.

Modern Chemical Techniques: An Essential Reference for Students and Teachers

By Ben Faust


By Osborne, Colin, Pack, Maria J

Ctfa International Cosmetic Ingredient Dictionary and Handbook

By Pepe, Renae Canterbery

Maths Dictionary

By Robson, Peter

Assessment Test for Higher Chemistry

By Buchanan, Douglas, Melrose, James

CTFA International Cosmetic Ingredient Dictionary Handbook

By Pepe, R C