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New Oxford Student Texts: Thomas Middleton & William Rowley: The Changeling

By Moore, Jackie, Croft, Steven

Larkin and Duffy: A Guide for WJEC Eduqas A level English Literature

By Croft, Liz

English for the International Baccalaureate Diploma

By Croft, Steven, Cross, Helen, Druce, Elizabeth

Foundation Maths

By Croft, Dr Anthony, Davison, Robert

Reflections for Advent 2016: 28 November - 24 December 2016

By Collicutt, Joanna, Croft, Steven, Wells, Samuel

Her Last Tomorrow

By Croft, Adam

Typing (Teach Yourself)

By Pitman's College, Pitman, Croft, Bettina

Success in AQA Language and Literature

By Croft, Steven, Myers, Robert

Foundation Maths MyMathLab Global Pack (with 12 months access to resources card)

By Croft, Dr Anthony, Davison, Robert

Reflections for Lent 2013

By Croft, Steven, Cottrell, Stephen, Mosse, Barbara, Oakley, Mark

Oxford Student Texts: Victorian Literature

By Croft, Stephen

Jesus' People: What the Church Should Do Next

By Croft, Steven

Emmaus: Leading an Emmaus Group: Stage 2 (Emmaus: The Way of Faith (Stage 2))

By Cottrell, Stephen, Croft, Steven, Finney, John, Lawson, Felicity, Warren, Robert

The Emoji Puzzle Challenge: More than 200 Emoji Enigmas

By Croft, Malcolm

Oxford Student Texts: John Milton: Paradise Lost Book IX

By Milton, John, Croft, Steven, Baldwin, Anna

PM Stars Red Mixed Pack (18)

By Smith, Annette, Randell, Beverley, Cowan, Sally, Nelley, Elsie, Croft, Debbie, Siddiqui, Bec

Exploring Language & Literature for AQA A (268 P.)

By Croft, Steven, Myers, Robert

The Gift of Leadership

By Croft, Steven

The Pilgrim Way: A guide to the Christian faith (Pilgrim Course)

By Cottrell, Stephen, Croft, Steven, Gooder, Paula, Atwell, Robert

A Level Exam Practice: English Literature (AS/A2 Exam Practice S.)

By Croft, Steven

The Perfect Lie

By Croft, Adam

Foundation Maths (Essential Mathematics for Students S.)

By Croft, Tony, Davison, Robert

Pilgrim Journeys: The Lord's Prayer (single copy): 40 days of reflections

By Croft, Steven

Emmaus: Introduction Book: The Way of Faith (Emmaus: The Way of Faith)

By Finney, John, Cottrell, Stephen, Croft, Warren, Robert, Lawson, Felicity, Richard

Ant and Dec (Hodder Reading Project)

By Croft, Andy

Livewire Real Lives: Thierry Henry

By Croft, Andy

The Guilty Wife: A thrilling psychological suspense with twists and turns that grip you to the very last page

By Croft, Elle

Mathematics for Engineers

By Croft, Dr Tony, Davison, Dr Robert

New Oxford Student Texts: Edward Thomas: Selected Poems

By Croft, Steven

How to Live: A Guide for the Christian Journey

By Cottrell, Stephen, Croft, Steven