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Roget's Thesaurus of English Words And Phrases (Reference Books)

By NO AUTHOR, Roget, Peter

4 available

Capitalism and Modern Social Theory: An Analysis Of The Writings Of Marx, Durkheim And Max Weber

By Giddens, Anthony

1 available

You Just Don't Understand: Women and Men in Conversation

By Tannen, Deborah

1 available

North/South: A Programme for Survival (Pan world affairs)

By Independent Commission on International Development Issues

1 available

Ancien Regime: French Society, 1600-1750

By Goubert, Pierre

1 available

Egypt Myths And Legends (Myths & Legends)

By Spence, Lewis

1 available

[The Practice of Criticism] (By: D.H. Rawlinson) [published: November, 1968]

By D.H. Rawlinson

1 available

Alistair Cooke's America

By Cooke, Alistair, Alistair Cooke

1 available

The Arts past and Present, Book 3: Cultural Encounters

By Richard Danson Brown

1 available

Society and the Social Sciences: An Introduction (An Open University set book)

By Potter, David

Drug Abuse: Your Questions Answered

By Hodgkinson, Liz

Being Me and Also Us: Lessons from the Peckham Experiment

By Stallibrass, Alison

Assassinations And Conspiracies

By Castleden, Rodney

Murder Under Microscope

By Paul, Philip

Future of Council Housing

By English, John

Transcultural Psychiatry

By Cox, John L.

The Family in Ancient Rome: New Perspectives

By Rawson, Beryl

Social Skills in Interpersonal Communication

By Hargie, Owen, Saunders, Christine, Dickson, David

Tao of Health and Longevity

By Liu, Da

New Dictionary of Sociology

By Mitchell, Geoffrey Duncan

Durkheim, Bernard and Epistemology (Routledge Library Editions: Emile Durkheim)

By Hirst, Paul Q.

Servants' Hall: Domestic History of Erddig

By Waterson, Merlin

The Rules of Disorder (Social Worlds of Childhood)

By Marsh, Peter, Rosser, Elizabeth, HARRE, Rom

Sociology of Education: Introductory Analytical Perspectives (Student's Library of Society)

By D.F. Swift

School and Society (Set books / Open University)

By Cosin, Ben, etc.

Dictionary of Sociology

By Mitchell, Geoffrey Duncan

Primitive Classification

By Durkheim, Émile, Mauss, Marcel, Needham, Rodney

Approaching Sociology: Critical Introduction (Student's Library of Society)

By Coulson, Margaret H., Riddell, Carol

Idea of a Social Science and Its Relation to Philosophy (Studies in Philosophy Psychology)

By Winch, Peter

Custom and Politics in Urban Africa: A Study of Hausa Migrants in Yoruba Towns

By Cohen, Abner