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New International Business English Student's book (Cambridge Professional English)

By Jones, Leo, Alexander, Richard

1 available

North/South: A Programme for Survival (Pan world affairs)

By Independent Commission on International Development Issues

1 available

Hayek's 'Serfdom' Revisited

By Norman P. Barry

1 available

Economic & Social History of Britain, An 2nd. Edition

By May, Trevor

1 available

An Introduction to British Trade Unions (Pelican S.)

By Hooberman, Ben

1 available

In at the Deep End (Speaking Activities for Professional People)

By Hollett, Vicki, Carter, Roger, Lyon, Liz, Tanner, Emma

1 available

The Greening of Aid: Sustainable Livelihoods in Practice

By Conroy, Czech, Litvinoff, Miles

1 available

Sales & Service Excellence: How to Stand Out from the Crowd

By Leadbetter, Jane

Practical Management Consultancy

By Markham, Calvert

Valuation of Rural Property: A Comprehensive Guide to the Appraisal of Farms and Estates

By Peter A.B. Prag

Communicating for Development: Experience from the Urban Environment (Urban Management S.)

By Gandelsonas, Catalina

Managing for a Change: How to run community development projects: Guide to the Management of Development Projects

By Davies, Anthony

Challenging the Professions: Frontiers for Rural Development

By Chambers, Robert

Mobilizing Appropriate Technology: Papers on planning aid programmes

By Gamser, Matthew

Wealth Ranking in Smallholder Communities: A Field Manual

By Grandin, Barbara E.


By Mager, Caroline & Peter Robinson et al

Solicitors' Accounts Manual

By Law Society

Solicitors' Accounts Manual

By Solicitors Regulation Authority

Financial Mathematics and Statistics

By Jackson, T.

Management Guide to Asserting Yourself (Management Guides)

By Keenan, Kate

The Management Guide to Making Time (Management Guides)

By Keenan, Kate


By John Winterson Richards

Bluff Your Way in Finance (Bluffer's Guides)

By Becket, Michael Ivan H.

Bluff Your Way in Public Speaking (Bluffer's Guides)

By Steward, Chris, Wilkinson, Mike, Wilkinson, Mike

Union Retreat and the Regions: The Shrinking Landscape of Organised Labour: v. 8 (Regional Policy & Development S.)

By Martin, Ron, etc., Sunley, Peter, Wills, Jane


By Michael Walters

Go for it!: Martyn Lewis's Essential Guide to Opportunities for Young People

By Lewis, Martyn

The Bulgarian Economy in Transition (Studies of Communism in Transition series)

By Bristow, J.A.

The Economics of International Investment

By Balasubramanyam, V. N., Sapsford, David

Measurement and Meaning in Economics: The Essential Deirdre McCloskey (Economists of the Twentieth Century series)

By McCloskey, Deirdre N., Ziliak, Stephen T.