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The Goddess Guide

By Scanlon, Gisèle

1 available

An Insight Into Management Accounting

By Sizer, John

1 available

The Greening of Aid: Sustainable Livelihoods in Practice

By Conroy, Czech, Litvinoff, Miles

1 available

North/South: A Programme for Survival (Pan world affairs)

By Independent Commission on International Development Issues

1 available

The Hidden Persuaders

By Vance Oakley Packard

1 available

In at the Deep End (Speaking Activities for Professional People)

By Hollett, Vicki, Carter, Roger, Lyon, Liz, Tanner, Emma

1 available

An Introduction to British Trade Unions (Pelican S.)

By Hooberman, Ben

1 available

Economic & Social History of Britain, An 2nd. Edition

By May, Trevor

1 available

Hayek's 'Serfdom' Revisited

By Norman P. Barry

1 available

Introduction to Information Systems in Business Management

By James A. O'Brien

Pricing Strategies

By Z. John Zhang

Financial Accounting

By Libby, Robert, Libby, Patricia A., Short, Daniel G.

Crafting and Implementing Strategy: Text and Selected Readings

By Thompson Jr., Arthur A., Strickland, Alonzo J.

Intermediate Algebra for College Students

By Blitzer, Robert F.

Competitive and Corporate Strategy

By Bowman, Cliff, Faulkner, David O.

Supervision: Quality, Diversity, and Technology

By Certo, Samuel C.

Preface to Marketing Management (Irwin Series in Marketing)

By Peter, J. Paul, Donnelly, James H.

The Concept of Corporate Strategy

By Kenneth R. Andrews

Microeconomics (Irwin/McGraw-Hill Advanced Series in Economics)

By Katz, Michael, Rosen, Harvey

Managerial Accounting

By Garrison

Fundamentals of Selling: Customers for Life (The Irwin Series in Marketing)

By Futrell, Charles M.

Analysis for Marketing Planning (The Irwin Series in Marketing)

By Lehmann, Donald R., Winer, Russell S.

Quantitative Analysis for Business Decisions (INTERNATIONAL ED)

By Bierman, Harold, etc.

Advanced Accounting (The Irwin Series in Undergraduate Accounting)

By Griffin, Charles H., etc.

Quality Management (Irwin Series in Marketing)

By Gitlow, Howard, Oppenheim, Alan, Oppenheim, Rosa

Statistical Techniques in Business and Economics

By Mason, Robert D., Lind, Douglas A.

Corporate information systems management : text and cases

By James I. Cash

Option Pricing

By Jarrow, Robert A., Rudd, Andrew

International Economics

By Kindleberger, Charles Poor, Lindert, Peter

Business Policy: Text and Cases

By C.Roland Christensen, etc.