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By Holford, Patrick.

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Smart Food for Smart Kids: Packed with easy recipes to boost your childs health and IQ

By Holford, Patrick, Joyce, Fiona McDonald

100% Health: The drug free guide to feeling better, living longer and staying free from disease

By Holford, Patrick

Yachtsman's Weather Guide

By Holford, Ingrid

The Loneliest Grief: Spiritual Odyssey That Began with a Miscarriage

By Holford, Karen

Balancing Hormones Naturally

By Neil, Kate, Holford, Patrick

The Energy Equation

By Holford, Patrick

British Weather Disasters

By Holford, Ingrid

Reshaping Labour: Organization, Work and Politics, Edinburgh in the Great War and After

By Holford, John


By Holford, Patrick.

The Optimum Nutrition Bible: The Book You Have To Read If Your Care About Your Health

By Holford, Patrick, Holford BSc DipION FBANT NTCRP

The Optimum Nutrition Workbook: All the Facts You Need to Know for a Healthy Life

By Holford, Patrick, Quayle, Christopher

Super Nutrition for a Healthy Heart

By Holford, Patrick

Teaching of Primary Science: Policy and Practice

By Richards, Colin, Holford, Derek

Food Is Better Medicine Than Drugs: Your Prescription for Drug Free Health

By Holford, Patrick, Burne, Jerome

The Holford Low GL Diet: Lose Weight and Feel Great in 30 Days

By Holford, Patrick

Optimum Nutrition for the Mind

By Holford, Patrick

Say No to ArthritisThe Proven Drug Free Guide to Preventing and Relieving Arthritis

By Holford, Patrick

Beat Stress And Fatigue: The drug-free guide to de-stressing and raising your energy levels (Optimum Nutrition Handbook)

By Holford, Patrick

The 30-Day Fatburner Diet: The revolution in weight control!

By Holford, Patrick

Boost Your Immune System: The drug-free guide to fighting infection and preventing disease (Optimum Nutrition Health Guides)

By Holford, Patrick, Meek, Jennifer

The Optimum Nutrition Bible

By Holford, Patrick

The Theory and Practice of Learning (National Health Informatics Collection)

By Jarvis, Peter, Holford, John, Griffin, Colin

The Theory and Practice of Learning

By Jarvis, Peter, Holford, John, Griffin, Colin

The Briefcase and the Baby

By Cuthbert, Amanda, Holford, Angela, Asquith, Ros