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The Writer's Idea Book

By Heffron, Jack

1 available

Modern Political Theory from Hobbes to Marx: Key Debates

By Lively, Jack

1 available

Flowers at Your Window

By Kramer, Jack

1 available

Around the World in 80 Days (The World's Best Reading)

By Verne, Jules, Sullivan, Jack, Ciardiello, Joseph

Sure Fire

By Higgins, Jack, Richards, Justin

Discovering Watercolour

By Jack Merriott, Merriott, Jack

Bloody Passage (Classic Jack Higgins Collection)

By Jack Higgins, Higgins, Jack

School of Assassins: Case for Closing the School of the Americas and for Fundamentally Changing U.S. Foreign Policy

By Nelson-Pallmeyer, Jack


By Kerouac, Jack

The SAGE Handbook of Research in International Education

By Hayden, Mary, Thompson, John Jeff, Levy, Jack

Rothman's Football Year Book 2002-2003

By Rollin, Jack, Glenda

Sky Sports Football Yearbook 2005-2006

By Rollin, Glenda, Jack

Rothmans Football Year Book 1995-96

By Rollin, Jack

The Sky Sports Football Yearbook 2003-2004

By Rollin, Jack, Glenda

Rothman's Football Year Book 1994-95

By Rollin, Jack

Rothman's Football Year Book 1989-90

By Rollin, Jack

The Crunching, Munching Caterpillar

By Sheridan Cain, Cain, Sheridan, Tickle, Jack

Earth Attack: Tyranno Quest 4 (EDGE: I HERO: Quests)

By Skidmore, Steve, Barlow, Lawrence, Jack

Developments in French Politics

By Hall, Peter A., etc., Hayward, Jack, Machin, Howard

The Science Of Discworld

By Pratchett, Terry, Stewart, Ian, Cohen, Jack

Chicken Soup for the Soul: Indian Fathers

By Canfield, Jack, Hansen, Mark Victor, Bharadia, Raksha

Golf Doctor: Diagnosis, Explanation and Correction of Golfing Faults

By Jacobs, John, Aultman, Dick, Ravielli, Anthony, Nicklaus, Jack

Moonchild: The Films of Kenneth Anger (Persistence of Vision Volume 1)

By Hunter, Jack

Cold Harbour

By Higgins, Jack

The Eagle Has Flown

By Higgins, Jack

Environmental Law for The Built Environment

By Rostron, Jack

Good Dog: Basic Training Book for All Breeds

By Howell, Jack

See You in the Cosmos

By Cheng, Jack

Cooking, Cuisine and Class: A Study in Comparative Sociology (Themes in the Social Sciences)

By Goody, Jack

Sexual Integrity: The Answer to AIDS

By Dominian, Jack