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Sherlock Holmes: The Major Stories with Contemporary Critical Essays

By Doyle, Arthur Conan, Hodgson, John A.

1 available

Dams and the Environment: Considerations in World Bank Projects (World Bank Technical Paper)

By Dixon, John A., Talbot, Lee M., Le Moigne, Guy J. M., World Bank

1 available

The American Nation: A History of the United States, Volume 2

By Carnes, Mark C., Garraty, John A.

1 available

Interaction of Platelets with the Vessel Wall (Clinical Physiology S.)

By Oates, John A., etc.

Guesstimation Solving the Worlds Problems on the Back of a Cocktail Napkin: Solving the World's Problems on the Back of a Cocktail Napkin

By Weinstein, Lawrence, Adam, John A.

Introduction to Operations Research Techniques

By Daellenbach, Hans G., George, John A.

The Human Capacity for Transformational Change: Harnessing the collective mind

By Brown, Valerie A., Harris, John A.

Product Research: The Art and Science Behind Successful Product Launches

By Raghavan, N. R. Srinivasa, Cafeo, John A.

Geometric Algebra: An Algebraic System for Computer Games and Animation

By Vince, John A.

Library Design

By Smith, Karen, Flannery, John A.

Eco-Landscape Design

By Flannery, John A., Smith, Karen M.

Mathematical Practitioners and the Transformation of Natural Knowledge in Early Modern Europe: 45 (Studies in History and Philosophy of Science, 45)

By Cormack, Lesley B., Walton, Steven a., Schuster, John A.

Landscapes and Landforms of the Maltese Islands (World Geomorphological Landscapes)

By Gauci, Ritienne, Schembri, John A.

Traditional Forest-Related Knowledge: Sustaining Communities, Ecosystems and Biocultural Diversity: 12 (World Forests, 12)

By Parrotta, John A., Trosper, Ronald L.

Eco-Library Design

By Flannery, John A., Smith, Karen M.

Heterogeneity in the Crust and Upper Mantle: Nature, Scaling, and Seismic Properties

By Goff, John A., Holliger, Klaus

Rotating Hydraulics: Nonlinear Topographic Effects in the Ocean and Atmosphere: 36 (Atmospheric and Oceanographic Sciences Library, 36)

By Pratt, Lawrence L.J., Whitehead, John A.

Eco-Urban Design

By Flannery, John A., Smith, Karen M.

Close to Extinction (Survival S.)

By Burton, John A.

Generalized Linear Models: 37 (Chapman & Hall/CRC Monographs on Statistics and Applied Probability)

By P. McCullagh, McCullagh, P., Nelder, John A.

Constable (Masters of Art S.)

By Walker, John A.

The Regulatory Challenge

By Bishop, Kay Mayer, Mayer, Colin, Kay, John A.

Foundations of Corporate Success: How Business Strategies Add Value

By John A. Kay, J. A. Kay, Kay, John A., J. A.

Germany, 1848-1879 (A History monograph)

By Moses, John A.

Human Geography: An Essential Anthology

By Agnew, John A.

Modern Genetics

By Ayala, Francisco Jose, Kiger, John A.

Flow Turning of Metals

By Grainger, John A.

Accounting Workbook For Dummies (UK Edition)

By Kelly, Jane, Tracy, John A.

The Life and Literary Works of Alfred John Brown, Walker, Writer and Passionate Yorkshireman

By White, John A.

Dinosaurs (Knowledge Masters)

By Cooper, John A.