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News from the Nail Bar

By Powell, Christy

1 available

Eggs and Dairy (Food and How To Cook It)

By Powell, Jillian, O'shea Food technology teacher, Clare

1 available

Temporary Kings (Dance to the Music of Time)

By Powell, Anthony

1 available

Hearing Secret Harmonies

By Powell, Anthony

1 available

Scenes and Wonders: Christian Drama with a Sense of Humour

By Powell, Paul

1 available


By Powell, Jillian, Body, Wendy

6 available

Gardening Letters to my Daughter

By Scott-James, Anne, Hastings, Clare, Powell, Virginia

1 available

Hotel Europa: Italia STDNTS BK: Business Italian for Beginners: Coursebook (HEUR)

By McKeane, Rossana, Powell, Margaret

1 available

Beadwork (Step-by-Step Children's Crafts)

By Powell, Michelle

1 available

Rollercoaster Fun! (Start Reading: Rosie's Rides)

By Powell, Jillian, Colnaghi, Stefania

AS Economics AQA Unit 2 Module 2: The National Economy 2ED Unit Guide (Student Unit Guides)

By Powell, Ray

Voice Over Secrets: 22 Successful Voice Actors & Voice Over Artists Share Their Best Experience-Based Tips

By Powell, Elroy "Spoonface"

Sudan: 18 (Countries in Our World)

By Powell, Jillian

Who Are Your Friends?: 3 (All About You)

By Powell, Jillian


By Parkin, Michael, Powell, Dr Melanie, Matthews, Prof Kent

Student's Book: The business course with a lexical approach (Business Matters: The Business Course with a Lexical Approach)

By Powell, Mark, Macleod, Anna

Our Country

By Powell, Jillian

Espresso Ideas Box: Where You Live

By Powell, Jillian

Personalised Learning in the Classroom: The Handbook

By Powell, Robert

Raising Achievement

By Powell, Robert


By Powell, Mark

Presenting in English: How to Give Successful Presentations

By Powell, Mark

Amazonia (Ends of the Earth S.)

By Powell, Susan, Inserra, Rose

ABC Slide and See

By Richard, Powell

Letts Study Guide: Mathematics (GCSE/National Curriculum Key Stage 4 Study Guides)

By Powell, Robert.

A-level Economics (Letts Study Guides)

By Powell, Ray

Jubilee Line Extension

By Powell, Kenneth

Letts A Level Questions and Answers: Economics

By Powell, Ray

Are You There, Bunny? (Peekapops S.)

By Powell, Richard, Jones, Karen

Little Lamb Makes Friends (Pat the Pet S.)

By Powell, Richard, Trotter, Stuart