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Teacher's Book (Level 2) (Language works)

By Peutrill, Sarah

1 available

Daumier: Chaucer Library of Art

By Symmons, Sarah, Wright, Christopher

1 available

Master Painters Seurat

By Carr-Gomm, Sarah

1 available

The Christian Aid Book of Bread: Recipes to Change Your World

By Stancliffe, Sarah

1 available

The Famous Rainbow Recipe Book

By Head, Tony, Fisher, Sarah

1 available

Oxford English for Cambridge Primary Workbook 2 (Op Primary Supplementary Courses)

By Snashall, Sarah

1 available

Blue Fins: With Audio CD - Starter (Macmillan Readers)

By Axten, Sarah

1 available

Further Ahead Learner's book (Cambridge professional English)

By Jones-Macziola, Sarah, White, Greg

1 available

Making Handbags: Retro, Chic and Luxurious Designs

By Goldstein-Lynch, Ellen, Mullins, Sarah, Malone, Nicole

1 available

Getting Ahead Learner's Book: A Communication Skills Course for Business English (Cambridge Professional English)

By Jones-Macziola, Sarah, White, Greg

1 available

How to Write a Blockbuster (Writers' guides)

By Harrison, Sarah

1 available

William Blake - Songs of Innocence and of Experience (Readers' Guides to Essential Criticism)

By Haggarty, Sarah, Mee, Jon A

3 available

A New Tune A Day for Violin (New Tune a Day Book & CD + DVD)

By Pope, Sarah

1 available

Mutton and Oysters: Food, Cooking and Eating in Victorian Times

By Freeman, Sarah

1 available

The Traveller's Handbook (Footprint Handbooks)

By Haines, Miranda, Thorowgood, Sarah

A2 Religious Studies: Synoptic Guide

By Tyler, Sarah, Reid, Gordon

AS/A-Level Religious Studies: Philosophy of Religion and Ethics Question and Answer Guide (Question & Answer Guide)

By Tyler, Sarah

The Enchanted April (Virago Modern Classics)

By Von Arnim, Elizabeth, Dunant, Sarah

The Friendly Young Ladies: A Virago Modern Classic (VMC)

By Renault, Mary, Dunant, Sarah

Millenium Hall (Virago modern classics)

By Scott, Sarah


By Hall, Jan, Waterkeyn, Sarah

Will, My Son: Life and Death of a Mongol Child

By Boston, Sarah

DK Pocket Encyclopedia: 03 Microwave Cookery

By Brown, Sarah

Pocket Encyclopaedia of Vegetarian Cookery

By Brown, Sarah

Governess or, Little Female Academy (Mothers of the novel)

By Fielding, Sarah

Caribbean Islands Handbook: With the Bahamas (Footprint Handbook)

By Cameron, Sarah


By Butcher, Susan, Monson, David, Douglas, Sarah

Ethics in Participatory Research for Health and Social Well-Being: Cases and Commentaries

By Banks, Sarah, Brydon-Miller, Mary

Ethnographic Research and Analysis: Anxiety, Identity and Self

By Vine, Tom, Clark, Jessica, Richards, Sarah

Approved Mental Health Practice: Essential Themes for Students and Practitioners

By Matthews, Sarah, O'Hare, Philip, Hemmington, Jill