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Science Works: 3: Student Book

By Gardom-Hulme, Philippa, Large, Pam, Mitchell, Sandra, Sherry, Chris

2 available


By Ashworth, Sherry

Heavy Metal Thunder: Kick-Ass Cover Art from Kick-Ass Albums

By Sherry, James, Aldis, Neil

Adobe® Dreamweaver® CS6 Illustrated, International Edition

By Bishop, Sherry

Meet the Bigfeet: 1 (The Yeti Files)

By Sherry, Kevin

Opening Belle

By Sherry, Maureen

Coursework Foundation Students' Guide (GCSE Essentials)

By McDuell, Sherry

Edward Hopper

By Marker, Sherry

The Oligarch: Rewriting Machiavelli’s The Prince for Our Time

By Sherry, James

The Loss of the "Night Wind"

By Sherry, Sylvia

English Language (Alternative GCSE Guides)

By Ashworth, Sherry, Dunbar, Polly

GCSE Science for OCR A Physics Double Award Book

By Mitchell, Sandra, Sherry, Mr Chris, McDuell, Mr Bob

Success in Foundation Science: Book 1 (FC1779)

By Clegg, Jackie, Payne, John, Sherry, Chris

Success in Foundation Science: Book 2 (FC1787)

By Clegg, Jackie, Payne, John, Sherry, Chris

A Diary of Poems (Bk. 1) (Poetry plus)

By Marney, B.R., etc., et al, Sherry, Margaret

Charlotte and Emily Bronte (Literature in Perspective S.)

By Sherry, Norman

Taking the Old Testament Challenge: A Daily Reading Guide

By Ortberg, John, Harney, Kevin, Sherry

Life on the Screen: Identity in the Age of the Internet

By Turkle, Sherry

Studying Women's Writing: An Introduction

By Sherry, Ruth

English Literature: Exam Success without the Stress (Alternative GCSE Guides)

By Ashworth, Sherry, Dunbar, Polly

The Second Self: Computers and the Human Spirit

By Turkle, Sherry

Elephants Have Right of Way

By Sherry, Sylvia, Blake, Quentin

BPMN Pocket Reference: A Practical Guide To The International Business Process Model And Notation Standard BPMN Version 2.0

By Sherry, Mr. Kenneth J

Why ME?

By Allen, Lillian, Guppy, Sherry

Life of Graham Greene

By Sherry, Norman

A Pair of Jesus-Boots (Puffin Books)

By Sylvia, Sherry

Blind Man's Bluff: The Untold Story of Cold War Submarine Espionage

By Sontag, Sherry, Drew, Christopher

Fat (Reference Point S.)

By Ashworth, Sherry

The Cambridge History of Modernism

By Sherry, Vincent

What's Your Problem? (Livewire S.)

By Ashworth, Sherry