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Introduction to Applied Mathematics

By Strang, Gilbert

Programming with Curses (A Nutshell Handbook)

By Strang, John

Termcap & Terminfo

By Strang, J

Dictionnaire Hachette

By Strang, Carola, collectif

The Wines of South-west France

By Strang, Paul, Jeanne

Exploration: Way of Learning Science

By QUALTER, Anne, etc., Strang, Juliet, Swatton, Peter, Taylor, Rob

Goose Fat and Garlic

By Strang, Jeanne

History of the English Language

By Strang, Barbara M. H.

TeeJay National 5 Mathematics

By Cairns, James, Geddes, Strang, Thomas

Old Man New Man: Closing the Gas Between the Life You Could Live and the Life You Are Living

By Strang, Stephen

TeeJay Mathematics National Curriculum Year 2 (2A) Second Edition

By Cairns, James, Geddes, Strang, Thomas

Linear Algebra and Its Applications

By Strang, Gilbert

Linear Algebra and Its Applications

By Strang, Strang

5-14 Mathematics Level C textbook

By Geddes, Strang

5-14 Mathematics Level B textbook

By Geddes, Strang

Hypermedia at Work: Proceedings, 10-12 January 1995

By Strang, W., etc.

TeeJay Mathematics Key Stage 3 book 1 (TEEJAY KEY STAGE 3)

By Cairns, James, Geddes, James, Strang, Thomas

Good Cook's Guide: More Recipes from Restaurants in the "Good Food Guide"

By Fawcett, Hilary, Strang, Jeanne

Restorative Justice and Family Violence

By Strang, Heather

Body CT Secrets

By Strang, John G.

Drug Misuse and Dependence: Guidelines on Clinical Management (Conference)

By Great Britain: Department of Health, Great Britain: Scottish Office Home and Health Department, Great Britain: Welsh Office, Strang, John, Dept.of Health

Vander's Human Physiology

By Widmaier, Eric P., Raff, Hershel, Strang, Kevin T., Eric P. Widmaier, Hershel Raff, Kevin T. Strang

Vander's Human Physiology - The Mechanisms of body Function

By Widmaier, Eric, Raff, Hershel, Strang, Kevin, Eric Widmaier, Hershel Raff, Kevin Strang

Linear Algebra and Its Applications

By Strang, Strang