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Electronics: A Systems Approach (Electronic Systems Engineering)

By Storey, Neil

Materials Science and Engineering: An Introduction

By Callister Jr., William D.

Turbo Pascal Precisely

By Judith Bishop

Engineering Materials: v.1: An Introduction to Their Properties and Applications (Materials Science & Technology Monographs)

By Ashby, Michael F., Jones, D. R. H.

Structures: Or Why Things Don't Fall Down

By Gordo, Unknown

Mechanical Engineering Design

By Joseph E. Shigley, Charles R. Mischke, Charles R. Mishcke

Engineering Mechanics: Dynamics v.2: Dynamics Vol 2

By Meriam, JL

Thermodynamic Tables SI Units: With Conversion Factors to Other Metric and British Units

By Haywood

Engineering Mathematics: Programmes and Problems

By Stroud, K. A.

Foundation Mathematics for Engineers

By John Berry, Patrick Wainright

Adventures in Raspberry Pi

By Philbin, Carrie Anne

Python for Informatics: Exploring Information

By Charles R Severance

Chemistry Data Book, Second Edition in SI

By Wallace, H. G., Stark, J. G., McGlashan, M. L., H. G. Wallace, J. G. Stark, M. L. McGLASHAN

Windows Vista Plain & Simple

By Gerald Joyce, Marianne Moon

Collins Encyclopedia of the Universe

By Ian Ridpath, Martin J. Rees

Get On-line (Complete Guide)

By Nick Boyce

Encyclopaedia of Rocks, Minerals and Gemstones

By Henry Russell

Learning to Program in Python Crash Course in Coding for Python 3.x Beginners Guide in Programming with Examples and Challenges GCSE and A Level Computer Science Course textbook KS4 KS5

By PM Heathcote, PG Online

Mental Geometry (Starting from Your Head: Mental Geometry)

By Fielker, David, Pinel, Jeni

Elementary: The Periodic Table Explained

By James M. Russell

First Leaves: Tutorial Introduction to Maple V

By Bruce W. Char, K.O. Geddes, Gaston H. Gonnet, B. Leong, M.B. Monagan

Introduction to Complex Analysis

By H. A. Priestley

Mechanics of Jointed and Faulted Rock

By Hans Peter Rossmanith

Finite-Dimensional Vector Spaces

By Paul R. Halmos

Seismic reflection interpretation (Geoexploration monographs)

By Fitch, A. A.

Seismic Prospecting Instruments : Vol. 2: Instrument Performance and Testing

By Evenden, B. S.; Stone, D. R.

Salt Tectonics

By M.K. Jenyon

Physics and Technology of Semiconductor Devices

By A. S. Grove

The Mini Miscellany: Fifty Years of Facts, Figures, Stories and Oddities Featuring the World's Greatest Little Car

By Tibballs, Geoff

Practical Microprocessor Systems

By Ian Robertson Sinclair