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A Strange Business: Making Art and Money in Nineteenth-Century Britain

By James Hamilton (Author)

The Missionary Position: Mother Teresa in Theory and Practice

By Christopher Hitchens

Last Man in Tower

By Aravind Adiga (Author)


By Augusten Burroughs

Freedom to Think: Protecting a Fundamental Human Right in the Digital Age

By Susie Alegre

The Pinch: How the Baby Boomers Took Their Children's Future - And Why They Should Give It Back

By David Willetts

In the Camps: Life in China's High-Tech Penal Colony

By Darren Byler

The Hidden History of Burma: A Crisis of Race and Capitalism

By Thant Myint-U

A Brutal Reckoning: The Creek Indians and the Epic War for the American South

By Peter Cozzens

Anything Goes: A Biography of the Roaring Twenties

By Lucy Moore

As Good as God, As Clever as the Devil: The Impossible Life of Mary Benson

By Rodney Bolt

Vulnerable in Hearts: A Memoir of Fathers, Sons and Contract Bridge

By Sandy Balfour

The Union Jack: The Story of the British Flag

By Professor Nick Groom

Killing Pablo

By Mark Bowden

If Wishes Were Horses: A Memoir of Equine Obsession

By Susanna Forrest

Lab Rats: Why Modern Work Makes People Miserable

By Dan Lyons

Four Weeks in May: A Captain's Story of War at Sea

By David Hart-Dyke

The White Tiger

By Aravind Adiga (Author)

Late Cuts: Musings on cricket

By Vic Marks


By Christopher Hitchens

Feature Film Making at Used Car Prices

By Rick Schmidt

Autumn in Venice: Ernest Hemingway and His Last Muse

By Andrea di Robilant (Author)

Bean Counters: The Triumph of the Accountants and How They Broke Capitalism

By Richard Brooks


By Stephen Baker

Finest and Darkest Hours

By Kevin Jefferys

Generations: Does When You're Born Shape Who You Are?

By Bobby Duffy

Hard Choices: The Making and Unmaking of Global Britain

By Peter Ricketts

In Search of Us: Adventures in Anthropology

By Lucy Moore

Samuel Johnson's Insults: A Compendium of His Finest Snubs, Slights and Effronteries

Spitfire: The Biography

By Jonathan Glancey