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Vascular and Endovascular Surgical Techniques: An Atlas

By Greenhalgh MA MD MChir FRCS, Roger M.

Surgical Nursing (Nurses' Aids S.)

By Wilson BA SRN RNT, Maureen

Diseases of the Heart

By Julian MA MD FRCP FACC Professor, Desmond G., Camm MD FRCP FESC FACC, A. John, Fox, Kim M., Hall, Roger J. C., Poole-Wilson BA MB BChir MA MD FRCP FACC FESC FMedSci, Philip A.

The Child Protection Handbook

By Wilson BA(Oxon) DipSWK(Sussex), Kate, James BA MA PhD GDSA DASS Professor, Adrian L.

Maths for Nursing

By Pirie

Gastrointestinal Endocrine Tumours

By Bloom, R.S., O'Shea, D.

Nutritional Support in Paediatric Gastrointestinal Disease (Bailliere's Clinical Paediatrics S.)

By Goulet, O.

Cytokines & Growth Factors in Gastroenterology

By R. A. Goodland & N. A. Wright

Clinical Gastroenterology: Crohn's Disease (Bailliere's Clinical Gastroenterology)

By Allan, R. N., Keighly, M.R.B.

Hereditary Diseases of the Liver: v. 12, Issue 2, 1998 (Bailliere's Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism S.)

By Powell, Lawrie W.

Bailliere's Clinical Gastroenterology International Practice and Research The Biliary Tract

By H A Pitt

Walker-Smith Paediatric Gastroenterology Bipr G11:3

Viral Hepatitis (Bailliere's Clinical Gastroenterology S.)

By Alberti, A.

Liver and Gastrointestinal Immunology

By Manns, M. P.

Investigations in Hepatology

By Hayes, P.C.

Coeliac Disease (Bailliere's Clinical Gastroenterology S.)

By Howdle, Peter D.


By N. J. Talley

Exercise in Water

By Duffield, M.H.

The Cause and Management of Aneurysms

By Greenhalgh, Roger M, Mannick, J.A.

Behaviour of Domestic Animals

By Hafez, Elsayed Saad Eldin

The Nursing Process

By Kratz, C.R.

Revise General Nursing: Bk. 3

By Ramsay, J., Cheetham, Christina

Revise General Nursing: Bk. 1

By Ramsay, J., Cheetham, Christina

Revise General Nursing - book 2

By J. Ramsay, Christina Cheetham

My Patient-My Nurse: Practice of Primary Nursing

By Wright, Stephen G.

Difficulties in Tracheal Intubation

By Latto MB BS FRCA DA, Ian P., Vaughan FRCA, Ralph S.

Care and Management of Farm Animals

By Universities Federation for Animal Welfare, Scott, W.N.

Trials and Tribulations of Vascular Surgery: Evidence-based Vascular Surgery

By Greenhalgh MA MD MChir FRCS, Roger M., Fowkes PhD FRCPE, F. G. R.

Inflammatory and Thrombotic Problems in Vascular Surgery

By Greenhalgh MA MD MChir FRCS, Roger M., Powell PhD MD, J. T.

Indications in Vascular and Endovascular Surgery

By Greenhalgh MA MD MChir FRCS, Roger M.