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The Animals Reader: The Essential Classic and Contemporary Writings

By Bloomsbury

The Fashion Reader

By Bloomsbury

Fashion's World Cities: v. 3 (Cultures of Consumption Series)

By Breward, Christopher

Doing Research in Fashion and Dress

By Kawamura, Yuniya

An English Reader's Guide to the French Legal System

By Martin Weston

Fashion: The Key Concepts

By Craik, Jennifer

The Berg Companion to Fashion

By Bloomsbury

Madame de Sevigne: A Seventeenth-century Life (Berg Women's Series)

By William T. Ojala & Jeanne A. Ojala

The End of Empire in French West Africa: France's Successful Decolonization?

By Tony Chafer

The Smell Culture Reader (Sensory Formations)

By Drobnick, Jim

The Anthropology of Breast-feeding: Natural Law or Social Construct: v. 2 (Cross-cultural Perspectives on Women)

By Maher, Vanessa

Information and Communication Technologies in Everyday Life: v. 1 (Textile)

By Ross, Doran, Jefferies, Professor Janis, Barnett, Pennina

War and Memory in the Twentieth Century

By Martin Evans & Kenneth Lunn

Radicals Against Race: Black Activism and Cultural Politics

By Brian Alleyne

A History of the Sozialdemokratische Partei Deutschlands: From 1848 to the Present

By Miller, S., Potthoff, K., Underwood, J. A.

Yugoslavia in Transition: Choices and Constraints - Essays in Honour of Fred Singleton

By Allcock, John B., etc., Horton, John H., Milivojevic, Marko

Kinship and Marriage Among the Anlo Ewe: v. 37 (LSE Monographs on Social Anthropology)

By Nukunya, G. K.

The Asian Gang: Ethnicity, Identity, Masculinity

By Claire Alexander

Badfellas: Crime, Tradition and New Masculinities

By Simon Winlow

Redefining Nature: Ecology, Culture and Domestication

By Roy Ellen, Katsuyoshi Fukui

Making Doctors: An Institutional Apprenticeship

By Simon Sinclair

Poiret, Dior and Schiaparelli: Fashion, Femininity and Modernity

By Ilya Parkins

Living with Globalization

By Paul Hopper

The Character of Kingship

By Declan Quigley

The Language of Fashion

By Andy Stafford, Roland Barthes, Michael Carter

Techno Fashion

By Bradley Quinn

Dilemmas of Internationalism: French Syndicalism and the International Labour Movement 19-1914

By Susan Milner

Peasants, Landlords and Merchant Capitalists: Europe and the World Economy, 1500-1800

By Kriedte, Peter, Berghahn, V. R.

The Taste Culture Reader: Experiencing Food and Drink: v. 3 (Sensory Formations)

By Bloomsbury

The Fashion Reader