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The Emperor Hadrian

By Thorsten Opper

1 available

Cuneiform (Reading the Past - Cuneiform to the Alphabet)

By Walker

1 available

Buddha (Gift Books)

By Delia Pemberton

1 available

The Early Alphabet (Reading the Past S.)

By Healey, John

1 available

Bible and Recent Archaeology

By Kenyon, Kathleen Mary, Moorey, P. R. S.

Babylonian Legend of the Flood

By Sollberger, E.

Museum of the Mind: Art and Memory in World Cultures. (None)

By Mack, John

The British Museum Book of Egyptian Hieroglyphs: Coloured Hieroglyphs from The British Museum

By NEAL SPENCER, Claire Thorne

Hunters and Gatherers: Material Culture of the Nomadic Hadza

By Woodburn, James

Greek Gods and Heroes

By Birchall, Ann, Corbett, P.E.

Haiku (Gift Books)

By Cobb, David

English Tilers (Medieval Craftsmen)

By Elizabeth Eames

Masons and Sculptors (Medieval Craftsmen S.)

By Coldstream, Nicola

Scribes and Illuminators (Medieval Craftsmen)

By Christopher De Hamel

Textiles From Mexico (Fabric Folios)

By Chloƫ Sayer

5000 Years of Textiles

By Harris, Jennifer

The Jane Austen Cookbook

By Black, Maggie, Le Faye, Deirdre

Shakespeare's Britain

By Jonathan Bate, Dora Thornton, Bate, Jonathan, Thornton, Dora

The Land of the Five Suns: Looking at Myths and Legends (Looking at Aztec Myths & Legends S.)

By McManus, Kay

Egypt and Nubia (Introductory Guides)

By Taylor, John

Egyptian Mummies (Introductory Guides)

By Andrews, Carol

Egyptian Painting (Introductory Guides)

By James, T. G. H.

Egyptian Life (Introductory Guides)

By Stead, Miriam

Discovery of the Greek Bronze Age, The

By Fitton, J.Lesley

The Sutton Hoo Ship Burial

By Evans, Angela Care

Mesopotamia (Introductory Guides)

By Reade, Julian

Assyrian Sculpture (Introductory Guides)

By Reade, Julian

Gladiator Activity Book (British Museum Activity Books)

By Judy Lindsay

Looking at Prints, Drawings and Watercolours: A Guide to Technical Terms

By Goldman, Paul

Archaeology:Discovering the Past: Discovering the Past

By Orna-Ornstein, John