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French's Index of Differential Diagnosis

By French, Herbert, Hart, F.Dudley

Mechanical Engineer's Reference Book

By Parrish, A.

Ocean Chemistry and Deep-Sea Sediments

By Open University

Research and Technology as Economic Activities (Science in a social context)

By Green, Kenneth, Morphet, Clive

Materials for the Engineering Technician

By Higgins, Raymond A.

Electrical and Electronic Principles: Level 2

By Knight, S.A.

Growth and Differentiation in Plants

By Wareing, P.F., Phillips, I.D.J.

Handbook of Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning

By Porges, F.

Personal Effectiveness (Institute of Management Foundation S.)

By Murdock, Alexander, Scutt, Carol N.

Orthodontic Treatment with Removable Appliances (Dental Practical Handbooks)

By Houston, W.J.B., Isaacson, K.G.

Wound Care

By Westaby, Stephen

The Secrets of Successful Business Letters

By Goodworth, Clive T.

Handbook of Financial Public Relations

By Bowman, Pat, Shaar, Susan

Illustrated Handbook of Minor Surgery and Operative Technique

By Sodera, Vija K., Saleh, D.M.

Key Customers: How to Manage Them Profitably (CIM Professional Development)

By McDonald, Malcolm, etc., Rogers, Beth, Woodburn, Diana

Student's Guide to Data Communications (Heinemann Newnes Informatics Series)

By Gandoff, Martin

Bearing: Tribology Handbook

By Neale, M. J.

Marketing Plans: How to Prepare Them, How to Use Them

By Malcolm McDonald

Guide for House Surgeons in the Surgical Unit

By Fraenkel, G.J., etc.

Postgraduate Surgery: The Candidate's Guide

By Al-Fallouji, M.A.R., McBrien, M.P.

The Chef's Compendium of Professional Recipes

By Fuller, John, Renold, Edward

Obstetrics Pupil Midwives 3rd Edn

By Bender

Diagnosis of Defective Colour Vision

By Birch, Jennifer

Examination Notes on the Scientific Basis of Psychiatry

By Dinan, Timothy G.

Electrical and Electronic Principles: Level 2 (Checkbooks S.)

By Bird, John O., May, A. J. C.

C for Engineers

By Bramer, Brian, Susan

Management: Tasks, Responsibilities, Practices

By Drucker, Peter Ferdinand

Basic Pharmacology

By Foster, R.W.

Inlays, Crowns and Bridges

By Kantorowicz, George F.

Textbook of Medicine for Nurses

By Hector, Winifred, Fairley, G.Hamilton, Malpas, J.S.