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Sing Together: Bible Songs and Canticles

By Grice, Edwin Le

2 available

Christian Perspectives on Contemporary Issues (Religious Studies Course (GCSE))

By Morgan, Dian, Patton, Mark

1 available

The Christian Aid Book of Bread: Recipes to Change Your World

By Stancliffe, Sarah

1 available

The Canterbury Preacher's Companion 2019: 150 complete sermons for Sundays, Festivals and Special Occasions

By Spiller, Roger

Apostolic Women,Apostolic Authority: Women in Today's Church (Canterbury Studies in Anglicanism)

By Amos, Claire, Brown, Rosalind, Percy, Martyn, Rees, Christina

Together and Different: Christians Engaging with People of Other Faiths

By Torry, Malcolm, Thorley, Sarah

Calling On the Spirit in Unsettling Times: Discerning God's future for the church

By Countryman, L. William

Making All Things New: A Vision for a Renewed Priesthood in the Catholic Church

By McEwan, Dorothea, Poole, Myra

God Unknown: The Trinity in Contemporary Spirituality

By Mobsby, Ian

Worship-Shaped Life: Liturgical formation and the people of God (Canterbury Studies in Anglicanism)

By Meyers, Ruth, Earey, Mark, Doran, Carol, Percy, Martyn, Markham, Ian

Christ and Culture: Communion After Lambeth (Canterbury Studies in Anglicanism)

By Martyn Percy, Martin Percy, Mark D. Chapman, Ian Markham

World Wide Webb: Memoirs of a Life in the Universal Church

By Webb, Pauline

Creative Church Leadership

By Adair, J., Nelson

Julian of Norwich: The Showings: A contemporary translation

By Starr, Mirabai

A Heart Strangely Warmed: John and Charles Wesley and their Writings (Canterbury Studies in Spiritual Theology)

By Dean, Jonathan

Vision Upon Vision: Processes of Change and Renewal in Christian Worship

By Guiver, George

Funeral, Thanksgiving and Memorial Services with CD ROM(Creative Ideas for Pastoral Liturgies): 1

By Brind, Jan, Wilkinson, Tessa

Space for Grace: Creating Inclusive Churches

By Goddard, Giles

Walter Frere: Scholar, Monk, Bishop

By Stebbing CR, Nicolas, Gordon-Taylor, Benjamin

The Sacramental Life: Gregory Dix and his Writings (Canterbury Studies in Spiritual Theology)

By Jones, Simon

The Unfolding Design of My World: A Pilgrim in Exile

By Dehqani-Tafti, H.B.

Management and Ministry: Appreciating Contemporary Issues

By Nelson, John

Be Born in Us Today: The Message of the Incarnation for Today

By Davies, John, Bell- Richards, Gillian

The Surprise of the Sacred: Finding God in Unexpected Places

By Millar, Peter

The Deafening Sound of Silent Tears: The Story of Caring for Life

By Barker, Juliet

Ordained Local Ministry: A Theological Exploration and Practical Handbook

By Heskins, Jeffrey, Torry, Malcolm

John Henry Newman: and the Path to Sainthood

By Chilcott-Monk, Julien

Living in Hope: A Rule of Life

By Society of St John the Evangelist

Journey: 1 (Renewing the Eucharist)

By Loades, Ann, Giles, Richard, Slee, Nicola, Ireland, Mark

Stars and Angels: Meditations for the Christian Year

By Stancliffe, Michael