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Food And Drink In Britain (Food & drink)

By Wilson, C. Anne

1 available

We're Going on a Bar Hunt: A Parody

By Emlyn Rees, Josie Lloyd, Gillian Johnson

1 available

Madame De Maintenon: Uncrowned Queen of France

By Haldane, C.

1 available

The House of Borgia

By Christopher Hibbert

1 available

Early Victorian Novelists

By David Cecil

The Bee's Kiss (Joe Sandilands)

By Cleverly, Barbara

Tug of War: 6 (Joe Sandilands)

By Cleverly, Barbara

The Seer of Kintail

By Sutherland, Ms Elizabeth

Field Guide to Rocks and Minerals


A Passionate Sisterhood: Wives, Sisters and Daughters of the Lakeland Poets

By Jones, Kathleen

Darwin's Garden: Down House and The Origin of Species

By Boulter, Michael

Harwin Chronology: Inventions, Innovations and Discoveries - A Chronology from Prehistory to the Present Day

By Desmond, Kevin

Death of a Pilgrim: 8 (Lord Francis Powerscourt)

By Dickinson, David

Tangled Web: Sex Scandals in British Politics and Society

By Hyde, H.Montgomery

Making of a Television Series: A Case Study in the Sociology of Culture

By Elliott, Philip

Age Of Miracles: Medicine and Surgery in the Nineteenth Century

By Williams, Guy

Patriotism Perverted

By Griffiths, Mr Richard

The Club 2e: Jews Of Modern Britain (History and Politics)

By Brook, Stephen

Out of Eden: The People of the World: The Peopling of the World

By Oppenheimer, Stephen

Global Disorder: The Threat of World Conflict: The New Architecture of Global Security

By Harvey, Robert

Bog-Standard Britain: How Mediocrity Has Ruined This Great Nation: How Mediocrity Ruined This Great Nation

By Quentin Letts

50 People Who Fouled Up Football

By Michael Henderson

Sellafield Stories: Life In Britain's First Nuclear Plant

By Davies

The Vanishment

By Jonathan Aycliffe

The First Bourbon: Henri IV of France and Navarre by Desmond Seward (1971-03-08)

By Desmond Seward

Della Robbia (Art & Architecture)

By Domestici, Fiamma

The Palace Tiger: No.4 (Joe Sandilands)

By Cleverly, Barbara

The Triumph of Caesar (Roma Sub Rosa)

By Steven Saylor

Who Am I and If So How Many?: A Journey Through Your Mind

By Richard David Precht

Brief Lives of the English Monarchs (Brief Histories)

By Carolly Erickson