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The Foot - Sandoz

By R.P.R. Dawber, Ivan Bristlow, Jean Mooney

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Haemodynamic Profiles and the Critically Ill Patient: A Practical Guide (Understanding cardiac output studies)

By Coombs, M.A., Dillon, A., Dillon, Ms C A, Lyon, J.

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery (Key Topics)

By Keith Riden, K. Riden

Key Topics in Paediatrics, Second Edition

By Billson, A.L., Pearce, A.V., Tuffrey, C.

Key Topics in Chronic Pain, Second Edition

By Grady, Kate M., Severn, Andrew M., Eldridge, Paul R.

MRI Manual of Pelvic Cancer

By Hulse, Paul A., Carrington, B. M., Hulse, Paul A., Carrington, Bernadette M.

Key Topics in Oncology (Key Topics S.)

By Hall, G.D., Patel, P.M., Protheroe, A.S.

MCQs and EMQs for the MRCS

By Al-Ghnaniem, Dr Reyad, Al-Ghnaniem, R., Benjamin, I.S., Benjamin, I.

Key Topics in Accident and Emergency Medicine (Key Topics S.)

By Burke, D, Burke, Dr Derek, Evans, Roy

Hot Topics in General Practice

By Stacey, E., Ese Stacey, Simon Stacey

Key Topics in Thoracic Surgery (Key Topics)

By Casson, Ag, Johnston, MR

Key Topics in General Surgery

By Lagattolla, N. R. F., Lattimer, C. R., Wilson, N. M.

Essential Reports in Paediatrics (Key Topics)

By Billson, A., Humphreys, N., Meadows, C.

Key Topics in Renal Medicine

By Plant, W. D., Tomson, C. R. V.

Rheumatology Guidebook

By Cash, J., Ferrari, R., Maddison, P.

Medical Statistics Made Easy

By Harris, Michael, Taylor, Gordon

The Child Surveillance Handbook, Second Edition

By Sales, David

Key Topics in Anaesthesia

By Craft, T.M., Upton, P.M., T. M., P. M.

Resuscitation: Key Data

By M.J.A. Parr, T.M. Craft

Managing Change in Primary Care (Business Side of General Practice S.)

By Bracewell, Catherine, Gray, Rosaire

The Child Surveillance Handbook

By Hall, D.M.B.; Hill, P. & Elliman, D., Tippett, Victoria, Ashcroft, Richard Edmund

The Law and General Practice

By Silverman, Jonathan, Kurtz, Suzanne, Van Dalen, Jan

General Practice: The Facts

By Helmy, Sherif W.

Clinical Skills for OSCEs

By Neel Burton, A.Hassan de'Medici, N.C. Stacey

Hot Topics in General Practice

By Stacey, Ese

Key Topics in Critical Care

By Craft, T. M., Parr, M. J. A., Nolan, Jerry P.

Urology: A Handbook for Medical Students

By Brewster, S., Cranston, D., Noble, J., Reynard, J.

Getting Ahead in Medicine: A Guide to Personal Skills for Doctors

By Forrest, F.C., Hall, C.R., Johnson, C.J.H.

Teachers' Pack on Experiments in Materials Science (Matsci)

By Davis, C.

Running a Course

By Keith Bolden, BOLDEN, Keith