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On Kissing, Tickling and Being Bored

By Phillips, Adam

The Long Night of White Chickens

By Goldman, Francisco

We are Still Married

By Garrison Keillor, Keillor, Garrison

The Iron Woman

By Hughes, Ted, Davidson, Andrew

Spider's Web: Bush, Saddam, Thatcher and the Decade of Deceit

By Alan Friedman, John Fielding, Friedman, Alan, Fielding, John

Marie Stopes and the Sexual Revolution

By Rose, June

ABC of Writing

By Emma Tennant

The Republic of Whores

By Skvorecky, Josef

East of Wimbledon

By Williams, Nigel

The Promise of Light

By Paul Watkins, Watkins, Paul

The Intellectuals and the Masses: Pride and Prejudice Among the Literary Intelligentsia, 1880-1939

By Carey, Professor John, Carey, Professor John


By Morris, Jan

The Dying of the Light

By Dibdin, Michael

The Faber Companion to 20th Century Popular Music

By Hardy, Phil, Laing, Dave

The Faber Book of Espionage

By West, Nigel

The Face of Tutankhamun

By Frayling, Christopher

They Came from SW19

By Williams, Nigel, Nigel Williams

Going West

By Gee, Maurice

The Lost Father

By Simpson, Mona

Here I Am!

By Stannard, Russell

Children of Bach

By Eilis Dillon

Our Treacherous Hearts: Why Women Let Men Get Their Own Way

By Coward, Ros

England'S Dreaming-Trade

By Savage, Jon

An Eye for Colour

By Norman Silver

Superplonk: Gluck's Guide to Supermarket Wine: 1993

By Malcolm Gluck

The Faber Book of Food

By Spencer, Colin, Clifton, Claire

Dirty Tricks

By Dibdin, Michael

Mr. Wroe's Virgins

By Rogers, Jane

Such a Long Journey

By Mistry, Rohinton

The Miracle Game

By Skvorecky, Josef, Wilson, Paul R.