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The Literary Guide to the Bible

By Alter, Robert, Kermode, Frank

1 available

Hitler and Stalin: Parallel lives

By Bullock, Alan

1 available

War and Society in Europe of the Old Regime, 1618-1789 (Fontana history of European war & society)

By Anderson, M. S.

1 available

Inside, Outside

By Wouk, Herman

Kara Kush

By Idries Shah

Children's Talk (A Fontana original)

By Garvey, Catherine

The Power Game: How Washington Works

By Smith, Hedrick

High Stand

By Innes, Hammond

The Hero with a Thousand Faces

By Campbell, Joseph

This is Sailing: A Complete Course

By Creagh-Osborne, Richard, Sleight, Steve


By Raphael, Frederic

Civil Resistance (Paladin Movements & Ideas S.)

By Randle, Michael

The Roman Republic (Fontana History of the Ancient World)

By Crawford, Michael

The Unschooled Mind: How Children Think and How Schools Should Teach

By Gardner, Howard

The Formation of Christendom

By Herrin, Judith

Democracy in America

By Tocqueville, Alexis de

The Dark Crusader

By Alistair MacLean

A History of the Soviet Union

By Hosking, Geoffrey

Early Greece (Fontana History of the Ancient World S.)

By Murray, Oswyn

The Fontana History of Germany 1780–1918: The Long Nineteenth Century

By Blackbourn, David

Jung: A Modern Master (Fontana Modern Masters)

By Storr, Anthony

Peace from Nervous Suffering

By Claire Weekes

Random Winds

By Plain, Belva

Random Winds

By Plain, Belva

The Complete Chinese Cook Book

By Lo, Kenneth

Sword of Calandra (The winter king's war)

By Dexter, Susan

Managing Your Own Career (The successful manager)

By Francis, Dave

The Mauritius Command

By O'Brian, Patrick

A Breed of Heroes

By Judd, Alan

Church and People, 1450-1660: Triumph of the Laity in the English Church (Fontana history of England)

By Cross, Claire C.