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Frances Lincoln Children's Books

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C is for China (World Alphabet)

By So, Sungwan

1 available

Baba Yaga and the Stolen Baby

By Lurie, Alison, SOUHAMI, Jessica

1 available

Lights on Cotton Rock: 1

By Litchfield, David

1 available

Eight Candles to Light: A Chanukah Story (Festival Time)

By Zucker, Jonny, Barger Cohen, Jan

1 available

Bicycles (Around the World)

By Petty, Kate, Oxfam

1 available

Art School

By Manning, Mick, Granström, Brita, Manning, Mick, Granström, Brita

1 available

Lia's Guide to Winning the Lottery

By David, Keren

1 available

Animals: A First Art Book

By Micklethwait, Lucy

In Search of a Homeland: The Story of the "Aeneid"

By Lively, Penelope, Andrew, Ian

The Coming of Night Big Book: A Yoruba Creation Myth from West Africa

By Riordan, James, Stow, Jenny

Cézanne and the Apple Boy (Anholt's Artists)

By Anholt, Laurence

Honey Biscuits

By Hooper, Meredith, Bartlett, Alison

Little Inchkin Big Book (Big Books)

By French, Fiona

I is for India Big Book (World Alphabet)

By Das, Prodeepta

Almost True

By David, Keren

Anancy and Mr Dry-Bone Big Book

By French, Fiona

Azad's Camel

By Pal, Erika

Home for Christmas

By Grindley, Sally, Littlewood, Karin

Christy's Dream

By Binch, Caroline


By Hoffman, Mary, Morris, Jackie

Off to Market

By Dale, Elizabeth, Pal, Erika

Seal Children (US Edition)

By Morris, Jackie

Yi-Min and the Elephants: A Tale of Ancient China: A Story of Ancient China

By Heaton, Caroline, Vyner, Tim

First Words and Pictures: with Chimp and Zee

By Anholt, Laurence, Catherine

Jason and the Golden Fleece

By Riordan, James, Cockcroft, Jason

Bubble Trouble

By Mahy, Margaret, Dunbar, Polly

Going Shopping

By Garland, Sarah

Dare to Care: Pet Dragon

By Robertson, Mark, Symes, Sally

Actual Size

By Jenkins, Steve

The Dancer

By Turkington, Nola, Daly, Niki