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Parallel Passages in Spanish and English

By Folley, Terence

2 available

Deutsch in Bild und Wort

By Jewry, Karen Inge

1 available

Schone Deutschland: Bk. 1

By Anderson, Walter E.

1 available

Grammar of Present Day French: w. Exercises in French Syntax

By Mansion, J.E.

1 available

Masters of Political Thought: From Machiavelli to Bentham v. 2

By Jones, W. T.

2 available

Pick of Paul Johnson

By Johnson, Paul

Practical Yacht Navigator

By Wilkes, Kenneth

Revolutionary Jews from Marx to Trotsky

By Wistrich, Robert S.


By Davies, Gerald, Parry-Jones, David

Classical Voices: Studies of Corneille, Racine, Moliere and Madame De Lafayette

By Nurse, Peter H.

Langue Courante

By Kenyon, R.W.

Interwar Economy

By Johnson, David


By Proust, Marcel, Bree, Germaine, Lynes, C.

Look for the Woman

By Nash, Jay Robert

Yoga for Vital Beauty

By Sarasvati, S.

Sketch Map Economic History of Britain

By Gayler, J.L., etc.

Masters of Political Thought: From Hegel to Dewey v. 3

By Lancaster, Lane W.


By BOSCO, Henri, King, Clifford

Drole, Le

By Mauriac, Francois, Clarke, Isabelle H.

Social and Economic History of Britain, 1760-1970

By Gregg, Pauline

Tales of Mystery and Imagination

By Poe, Edgar Allan

Story of Modern Europe

By Clement, H.A.

Harrap's Compact English-Italian Dictionary

By Maiocchi, A.F., Bicchiacchi, A.De

Practice in French for Certificate of Secondary Education

By Griffiths, John

Harrap's Mini: Dictionnaire Anglais-Fran├žais/Fran├žais-anglais

By Michael Janes, Fabrice Antoine, Isabelle Elkaim

English Exercises for Secretaries: w. ans

By Kelly, Robin Arthur

Sketch-map History of Europe, 1789-1914

By Taylor, George

Italian Renaissance (Topics in European history)

By Meek, Christine

Legal Aspects of Industry and Commerce

By Frank, W.F., Williams, K., etc.

What Should Your Child Know? A Guide for Parents

By Kent, Graeme