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Cossacks: An Illustrated History

By Ure, John

1 available

Shakespeare in His Age (Paperducks)

By Halliday, F.E.

1 available

The Sayings of Winston Churchill (Duckworth Sayings Series)

By Churchill, Sir Winston S., Lane, J.L., Sutcliffe, J.

1 available

Poetic Gems

By McGonagall, WILLIAM

1 available

Prairie Fever

By Peter Pagnamenta

1 available

Martin Chuzzlewit (Nonesuch Dickens)

By Charles Dickens

Aristotle's Theory of the Will

By Kenny, Anthony

Nicholas Nickleby (Nonesuch Dickens)

By Charles Dickens

Oliver Twist (Nonesuch Dickens)

By Charles Dickens

Bleak House (Nonesuch Dickens)

By Charles Dickens

The Old Curiosity Shop (Nonesuch Dickens)

By Charles Dickens

David Copperfield (Nonesuch Dickens)

By Charles Dickens

The Pickwick Papers (Nonesuch Dickens)

By Charles Dickens

Daniel Stein, Interpreter

By Ludmila Ulitskaya

Man's Responsibility for Nature

By John Passmore

Towers in the Mist

By Goudge, Elizabeth

An Intelligent Person's Guide to History (Intelligent Person's Guide Series)

By Vincent, John

Cosmopolitan: A Bartender's Life

By Cecchini, Toby

Cyclades in the Bronze Age

By Barber, R.L.N.

The Best of Oscar Wilde

By Robert Pearce, Oscar Wilde

Biblical Archaeology

By Wright, G.Ernest

Ecstasy and the "Praise of Folly"

By Screech, M. A.

An Intelligent Person's Guide to Psychotherapy (Intelligent Person's Guide Series)

By Stevens, Anthony

Images of the Holocaust

By Cole, T.

One for Sorrow

By Woodall, Clive

Women's Life in Greece and Rome

By Lefkowitz, Mary R., Fant, Maureen B.

Recent Philosophers

By Passmore, John

Mathematics for Innumerate Economists

By Kennedy, Gavin

Moral Literacy: Or How to Do the Right Thing

By McGinn, Colin

The Last Templar

By Khoury, Raymond