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English Cathedrals in Colour

By Little, Bryan

Discovering Sicily (Countries of Europe)

By Pereira, Anthony

Northern Frontiers of Roman Britain

By Breeze, David J.

Dwarf Bulbs

By Matthew, Brian

Materials (Mitchell's Building)

By Everett, Alan, Alan Everett

Components and Finishes (Mitchell's Building)

By King, Harold, Everett, Alan

People of Roman Britain

By Anthony BIRLEY

The English Home

By Doreen Yarwood, Yarwood, Doreen

Making Wooden Toys

By Polley, Roger

Sociology of Education (Foundations of Modern Society)

By Olive Banks, Banks, Olive

Intelligence, Creativity and Cognitive Style (Batsford psychology series)

By Shouksmith, George

Fastnet Race

By Dear, Ian

Life in the Villa in Roman Britain

By Burke, John

Gardening for the Physically Handicapped and Elderly

By Chaplin, Mary

Napoleon's Cavalry and its Leaders

By Johnson, David

Oxford Martyrs (Historic Trials)

By Loades, D. M.

Coming of Christianity to Anglo-Saxon England (Fabric of British History S.)

By Mayr-Harting, Henry

Victorian England

By Reader, William Joseph

Life in Wartime Britain (English Life S.)

By Chamberlin, E.R.

Culture and Society in Seventeenth Century France (Studies in cultural history)

By Maland, David

Culture and Society in Italy, 1290-1420 (Study in Cultural History)

By Larner, John

Materials (Mitchell's Building)

By Everett, Alan

Skirtmaking Book

By Riley, Patricia

A History of Everyday Things in England: 1500-1799

By Quennell, Marjorie, Quennell, C.H.B.

Everyday Life in Prehistoric Times

By Marjorie Quennell, C.H.B. Quennell

Everyday Life in Medieval Times

By Marjorie A. Rowling

English Church Monuments

By Brian Kemp

Law and Order (Past-into-present S.)

By Ashley, Brian

London Pub Guide

By Allen, Judy

As I Walked Out One Midsummer Morning

By Lee, Laurie