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Diaries, 1918-39

By Mann, Thomas, Kesten, HERMANN, etc., Winston, R., C.

Inside Room: The Search for Inner Freedom

By Mitson, Eileen Nora

House Arrest

By Vlachos, Helen

The End of the Road

By Barth, John

Art Culinaire Moderne

By Pellaprat, Henri-Paul

Rymyng Craftily: Meaning in Chaucer's Poetry

By Knight, Stephen

Treasures of Ancient Nigeria

By Eyo, Ekpo, Willett, Frank

Air of Battle


November, 1918

By Brook-Shepherd, Gordon

Sparks Fly Upward (Panther Books)

By Granger, Stewart

Ever Onward: Individual Approaches to Business Success

By Hinton, John, Birtles, Nicholas

Medicine You Take: Benefits and Risks of Modern Drugs

By Laurence, D. R., Black, J.W.

About Sleep

By Duncan, A.H.

Poppy Parade: Humorous Anecdotes of Service Life

By Marshall, Arthur

Am I Blue?: How to Live with Diabetes

By Stritch, Elaine

Getting What You Want: Power Play Techniques for Achieving Success

By Brennan, J.H.

London Belongs to Me

By Collins, Norman

City and the Pillar

By Vidal, Gore

Matters of Fact and Fiction

By Vidal, Gore

Glory of the Perfumed Garden: The Missing Flowers

By Al-Nefzawi, Ibn Muhammed

Country Matters

By Basnett, Fred

Soft City

By Raban, Jonathan

Whole Truth

By Ehrlichman, John

Outcasts of Foolgarah

By Hardy, Frank

"Times" Concise Atlas of the World

By unkown

Crater Lake (Deathlands series)

By Axler, James, Ahern, Jerry

Country Doctor's Notebook

By Bulgakov, Mikhail Afanasevich, Glenny, M.

Highness: Maharajahs of India

By Morrow, Ann

Uncle of Europe: Diplomatic and Social Life of Edward VII

By Brook-Shepherd, Gordon

Bible Quizzes for All Occasions

By Howard, Vernon