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Friends for Life

By Fennell, Jan

The Krusty Book (The Simpsons Library of Wisdom)

By Groening, Matt

The Lisa Book (The Simpsons Library of Wisdom)

By Matt Groening, Groening, Matt

Humble Pie

By Ramsay, Gordon

Vimrod – Chocolate

By Swerling, Lisa, Lazar, Ralph

Grumpy Old Men: New Year, Same Old Crap

By Quantick, David

Shoes, Chocs, Bags and Frocks

By Monkton, Edward

The Simpsons Handbook

By Groening, Matt

Slash: The Autobiography

By Slash, Bozza, Anthony

211 Things a Bright Girl Can Do

By Cutler, Bunty

211 Things a Bright Boy Can Do

By Tom Cutler

The One Minute Manager (The One Minute Manager)

By Blanchard, Kenneth, Johnson, Spencer

The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe: The Official Illustrated Movie Companion (The Chronicles of Narnia)

By Moore, Perry

Tommy Cooper: Always Leave Them Laughing: The Definitive Biography of a Comedy Legend

By Fisher, John

Eminem: Angry Blonde

By Eminem

The Dastardly Book for Dogs

By Rex, Sparky, Flake, Emily, Garden, Joe, Ginsburg, Janet, Pauls, Chris, Serwacki, Anita, Sherman, Scott

Peter Jackson: A Film-maker's Journey

By Sibley, Brian

McQueen: The Biography

By Sandford, Christopher

Halliwell's Film Video & DVD Guide 2007

By Leslie Halliwell, John Walker

The Comic Book Guy’s Book of Pop Culture: The Simpsons Library of Wisdom (E)

By Groening, Matt

The Ralph Wiggum Book: The Simpsons Library of Wisdom (E)

By Groening, Matt

Not Dead Yet: A Manifesto for Old Age

By Neuberger, Julia

The Wonderful Man

By Monkton, Edward

Hit ’Em Hard: Jack Spot, King of the Underworld

By Clarkson, Wensley

One Minute Salesperson

By Johnson, Spencer

The Simpsons Ultra-Jumbo Rain-or-Shine Fun Book

By Groening, Matt

Bumper Book of Unuseless Japanese Inventions

By Kawakami, Kenji, Fearnley-Whittingstall, Hugh, Papia, Dan

Ally McBeal: The Official Guide

By Appelo, Tim

Halliwell’s Film and Video Guide 2000

By Walker, John

A Year with C. S. Lewis: Daily Readings from His Classic Works

By Lewis, C. S., Klein, Patricia