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Foundations of Sport and Exercise Psychology

By Weinberg, Robert S., Gould, Daniel, Weinburg, Robert S.

Low Back Disorders

By McGill, Stuart

Volleyball (Steps to Success Activity Series)(Sports Introduction Series #1)

By Barbara L. Viera, Bonnie Jill Ferguson

Coaching Volleyball Successfully (Coaching Successfully Series)

By Sally Kus

Advances in Paediatric Sport Sciences: Biological Issues v. 3

By Bar-Or, Oded

Advanced Fitness Assessment and Exercise Prescription

By Heyward, Vivian H.

Facilitated Stretching

By McAtee, Robert E., Charland, Jeff

Periodization: Theory and Methodology

By Bompa, Tudor

Serious Cycling

By Burke, Edmund R.

Foundations of Sport and Exercise Psychology

By Robert S. Weinberg, Daniel Gould

Beyond Winning

By Walton, Gary M.

Badminton (Steps to Success S.)

By Grice, Tony

Tennis (Steps to Success S.)

By Brown, Jim

The Athlete's Guide to Sports Psychology

By Harris, Dorothy V., Bette L.

Complete Conditioning for Ice Hockey

By Twist, Peter

Cycling Science (Sport Science)

By Stephen Cheung, Mikel Zabala

Exertional Heat Illnesses

By Armstrong, Lawrence E.

Stronger Arms and Upper Body

By Cochran, Sean, House, Tom

Free Radicals in Exercise and Aging

By Redak, Zsolt

Marathon Training: The Proven 100-day Program for Success

By Henderson, Joe

Basketball Skills and Drills

By Krause, Jerry, Smith, Dean E.

Lore of Running

By Noakes, Tim

Jumping into Plyometrics

By Chu, Donald A.

Research Methods in Physical Activity

By Jerry R. Thomas, Jack K. Nelson, Thomas, Jerry R., Nelson, Jack K.

Motor Learning and Performance

By Schmidt, Richard A., Wrisberg, Craig A., Winsberg, Craig A.

Complete Conditioning for Football (Complete Conditioning for Sport)

By Arthur, Michael, Bailey, Brian, Osborne, Tom

Healthy Runner's Handbook

By Micheli MD, Lyle J., Jenkins, Mark

The Ergogenics Edge: Pushing the Limits of Sports Performance

By Williams, Melvin H.

Precision Heart Rate Training

By Burke, Edmund R.

The Biophysical Foundations of Human Movement

By Abernethy, Bruce, Vaughn, Kippers, Mackinnon, Laurel, Neal, Robert J., Hanrahan, Stephanie