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Progressive Picture Compositions - Teacher's Book

By Byrne, Donn

1 available

1000 Pictures for Teachers to Copy

By Wright, Andrew

1 available

Language in Action: An Introduction to Modern Linguistics (Longman Handbooks for Language Teachers) (ELT)

By Kenworthy, JoAnne

1 available

The Q Book: Practising Interrogatives in Reading, Speaking and Writing

By John Morgan, Mario Rinvolucri

1 available

Bridge to Proficiency

By Archer, Margaret, Nolan-Woods, Enid

1 available

Advanced Vocabulary and Idiom

By Thomas, B.J.

1 available

The Man with Three Fingers (English Library)

By Tully, John

The Economist: An English Language Guide

By Pilbeam, Adrian, Ellis, Mark, O'Driscoll, Nina

Collins Gem School Thesaurus

The Black Tulip (New Method Supplementary Readers)

By Dumas, Alexandre

English for Nurses: Student's Book

By D. Austin, T. Crosfield, D. Dallas

Intermediate Matters - Student's Book

By Bell, Jan, Gower, Roger

Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea (Streamline Books)

By Verne, Jules, McFarlan, Donald M.

Where is Bill Ojo? (English Library)

By Tully, John

Intermediate Bk (AKL)

By O'Neill, Robert, Cornelius, E T, Yeadon, T, Kingsbury, Roy

The White South (Collins Nelson Longman ELT Simplified Readers: Level 4)

By Innes, Hammond, Jones, Lewis

Climb a Lonely Hill (English Library)

By Norman, Lilith, Lowe, Sally

The Wind in the Willows (Longman ELT Classics Readers: Level 2: 600 Headwords: Elementary Level)

By Grahame, Kenneth, Ullstein, Sue

Born Free (English Library)

By Adamson, Joy, Woollard, Norah

Tina Turner (English Library)

By Rabley, Stephen

Interface: English for Technical Communication - Teacher's Book

By Hutchinson, Tom, Waters, Alan

English Conversation Practice

By Methold, Ken

Reading Projects: Science (Skills for learning)

By University of Malaya

Text to Note: Study Skills for Advanced Learners: Student's Book (EAP / ELT)

By Adkins, A., McKean, Ian

English for Specific Purposes in Perspective: A Practical Guide

By McDonough, Jo

Meeting People: A New Approach to Listening Comprehension

By Fredrickson, T.L.

Practice in the Use of English

By Ward, John Millington

English in Computing

By Glendinning, Eric H., McEwan, John

Dictionary of English Phrasal Verbs and Their Idioms

By McArthur, Tom, Atkins, Beryl

Inspector Holt and the Fur Van (English Library)

By Tully, John