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Surprising News

By Newton, Kenneth

Towards a New International Economic Order

By Bedjaoui, Mohammed

Making of Contemporary Africa: The Development of African Society Since 1800

By Freund, Bill

Making of a Liberal Democracy: Senegal's Passive Revolution, 1975-85

By Fatton, Robert

World Disasters Report 2006: Focus on Neglected Crises

By Walter, Jonathan

Ghana: The Political Economy of Recovery (Studies in International Politics)

By Rothchild, Donald S.

Campaigns and Elections: Issues, Concepts, Cases

By Watson, Robert P.

Nonprofit World: Civil Society and the Rise of the Nonprofit Sector

By Casey, John

Civil Society and the State in Africa

By Chazan, Naomi

Managing Rural Development: Ideas and Experience from East Africa

By Chambers, Robert

Good Intentions: Pledges of Aid for Postconflict Recovery (Centre on International Cooperation Studies in Multilateralism)

By Forman, Shepard

Prohibiting Chemical and Biological Weapons: Multilateral Regimes and Their Evolution

By Kelle, Alexander

Grounding Political Development

By Stephen Chilton

Beyond Prince and Merchant: Citizen Participation and the Rise of Civil Society

By Burbidge

Democratic Reform in Africa: The Quality of Progress

By Gyimah-Boadi, E.

Everywhere/Nowhere: Gender Mainstreaming in Development Agencies

By Tiessen, Rebecca

Down to Earth: Community Perspectives on Health, Development and the Environment (KUMARIAN PRESS LIBRARY OF MANAGEMENT FOR DEVELOPMENT)

By Bradford, Bonnie

Modern Rice Technology and Income Distribution in Asia

By Cristina C. David, David, Cristina C.