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Women Romantic Poets, 1770-1838: An Anthology

By Ashfield, Andrew

1 available

"All's Well That Ends Well" (Shakespeare in Performance)

By Styan, J. L.

2 available

La Vida de Lazarillo de Tormes (Hispanic Texts)

By Jones, R. O.

1 available

La casa de Bernarda Alba: by Federico García Lorca (Hispanic Texts)

By Ramsden, H.

1 available

Anarchism in France: Case of Octave Mirbeau

By Carr, Reg

1 available

Human Rights Fifty Years On: A Reappraisal

By Evans, Tony

The Historian's Craft

By Bloch, Marc

Ideas That Shape Politics

By Foley, Michael

'Curing queers' (Nursing History and Humanities): Mental Nurses and Their Patients, 1935–74

By Tommy Dickinson

An Introduction to Old English

By Brook, G. L.

Acid-base Balance: No 1 (Physiological Society study guides)

By Hainsworth, R.

German Politics Today

By Roberts, Geoffrey K.

Fifteen into One? (European Politics)

By Wessels, Wolfgang, Maurer, Andreas, Mittag, Juergen

Arguments for a Theatre

By Barker, Howard

Political Ideology Today (Politics Today Series)

By Adams, Ian

Land of Sport and Glory: Sport and British Society, 1887-1910 (International Studies in the History of Sport)

By Birley, Derek, Mangen, J.A.

Mathematics for Economists: An Introductory Textbook

By Pemberton, Malcolm, Rau, Nicholas

Sport and the Making of Britain (Essex Symposia, Literature, Politics, Theory)

By Birley, Derek

Playing the Game: Sport and British Society, 1910-45 (International Studies in the History of Sport)

By Birley, Derek, Mangen, J.A.

Reading and Learning (v. 1) (Making the Grade: Study Programme for Adult Students)

By Jones, Bill, Johnson, Roy, Cox, C. Brian

Skeletal Muscle in Health and Disease: Textbook of Muscle Physiology

By Jones, D., Round, J.

Patrons and Power: Creating a Political Community in Metropolitan Lagos: Vol 1 (International African Library)

By Barnes, Sandra T.

Hightown Grammar

By C Lacey

The History of Modern Leeds

By Fraser, Derek

British Political Parties Today (Politics Today)

By Garner, Robert W., Kelly, Richard N.

Between Class and Elite: Evolution of the British Labour Movement

By Bauman, Zygmunt, Patterson, Sheila

Language in Infancy and Childhood: Linguistic Introduction to Language Acquisition

By Cruttenden, Alan

Lyotard: Writing the Event

By Bennington, Geoffrey

Religion in history: Conflict, Conversion and Coexistence

By Wolffe, John

The Differend: Phrases in Dispute

By Lyotard, Jean-Francois