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Parragon Plus

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Complete Cookery: Italian (Ultimate cookery)

By Sperling, Veronica

1 available

Cocktails (Little Book of... S.)

By Unknown

1 available

Jacket Potato Fillings

1 available

Chicken (Classic Recipes)

1 available

Vegetarian For One And Two

By Jillian Stewart & Kate Cranshaw, Claire Leighton & Helen Johnson, Peter Barry

1 available

Best Ever Cook's Collection: Chinese

By Doeser, Linda

1 available

Best Ever Cook's Collection - Indian - The Definitive Cook's Collection: Over 170 Step-by-Step Indian Recipes

By Shehzad Husain, Rafi Fernandez

1 available

Tapas (Collection S.)

By Anon

1 available

Brer Rabbit and the Turtle Race and Other Stories

By Stephanie Laslett (Retold by), Stephen Holmes

Step by Step Cajun and Creole Cooking

By Bowen, Carol


By Swinglehurst, Edmund

Step by Step Recipes with Yogurt

Step by Step Thai Cooking (Step by step cooking)

By Carol Bowen

First Stories: King Arthur

By Caroline Steeden, Tony Morris

Sensational Salads (Parragon Step-By-Step Cookery Series)

By Handslip, Carole

Greek Myths (First Stories)

By Steeden, Caroline (retold by), Lawrie, Robin

China Rabbit

By Enid Blyton

Bedtime Stories: The Adventures of the Toy Ship, The Magic Sweetshop, Whiskers and the Wizard.

By Blyton, Enid, Winfield, Alison

Death by Chocolate (Cookery)

By Bugg, Judy

Huckleberry Finn (Children's Classics)

By Twain, Mark

What Katy Did Next (Children's classics)

By Susan Coolidge

Elephant's Child

By Kipling, Rudyard, Cauley, Lorinda

The Prince and the Pauper (Children's classics)

By Twain, Mark

Step by Step Vegetarian Dinner Parties (Step by step cooking)

By Ashworth, Sue


By Colin Lewis


By Robins, Joyce.


By Don Harper

Kittens (Three Minute Tales)

By Robins, Joyce.

Concise Quotations

Monet (The life & works of Monet)

By Swinglehurst, Edmund