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Matinee Idols

By Carroll, David

1 available

Acting: A Drama Studio Source Book

By Miles-Brown, John

1 available

Beethoven Confidential and Brahms Gets Laid

By Ken Russell


By Cendrars, Blaise, Rootes, N.

Book of Nonsense

By Peake, Mervyn


By Shusaku, Endo


By Cendrars, Blaise, Rootes, N.


By Cocteau, Jean

Forms of Feeling in Victorian Fiction

By Hardy, Barbara

Notes on Thought and Vision

By H. D.


By Hesse, HERMANN, Rosner, H.

Nina in Utopia

By Miller, Miranda

Narcissus and Goldmund

By Hesse, HERMANN, Vennewitz, Leila

Tolstoy, My Father: Reminiscences

By Tolstoy, Ilya, Dunnigan, A.


By Kavan, Anna

Weights and Measures

By Joseph Roth

H.G. Wells: Another Kind of Life

By Michael Sherborne

The Dilly: A History of the Piccadilly Rent Boy Scene

By Jeremy Reed

Boy Caesar

By Jeremy Reed

Foundations of Islam: The Making of a World Faith

By Benjamin Walker

Journey to the Orient

By Gerard de Nerval

Confessions of Dan Yack

By Blaise Cendrars


By Lady Nijo, Karen Brazell

West African Passage: A Journey Through Nigeria, Chad and the Cameroons, 1931-32

By Dame Margery Perham, A. H. M. Kirk Greene, A.H.M. Kirk-Greene

Robert Cecil, First Earl of Salisbury: Servant of Two Sovereigns

By Alan Haynes

The World of Fanny Burney

By Evelyn Farr

My Life

By Chagall, Marc, Williams Ph.D., David


By Andersch, Alfred, Winston, Richard, Winston, Clara, Winston, R., Winston, C.

Alternatives to Prison: Examination of Non-custodial Treatment of Offenders (Contemporary Issues)

By Stanley, Stephen, Baginsky, Mary

A Dictionary of Graphology: The A-Z of Your Personality

By Hargreaves, Gloria, Wilson, Peggy