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Rosa Luxemburg: In Her Own Time ("In Her Own Time" biographies)

By Wendy, Forrest

1 available

The Lighthouse-Keeper (Cherrystones S.)

By Anne, Stewart

1 available

Feasts: For Special or Greedy Days: 16 (Practical Puffin Books)

By Gribble, Diana, Mcphee, Hilary

1 available

Underground to Canada (Puffin Books)

By Barbara, Smucker

1 available

Shades of Dark: A Collection of Ghost Stories (Puffin Books)

By Chambers, Aidan

1 available

Anna, Grandpa, And the Big Storm (Young Puffin Books)

By Stevens, Carla

Amish Adventure (Puffin Books)

By Barbara, Smucker

Friend Monkey (Puffin Books)

By Travers, P. L.

Deathtrap Dungeon: Fighting Fantasy Gamebook 6 (Puffin Adventure Gamebooks)

By Ian, Livingstone

Seaward (Puffin Books)

By Cooper, Susan

The Saga of Erik the Viking (Puffin Books)

By Foreman, Michael, Jones, Terry

Outcast (Puffin Books)

By Rosemary, Sutcliff

The Conker As Hard As a Diamond (Young Puffin Books)

By Chris, Powling

Ronia, the Robber's Daughter (Puffin Books)

By Lindgren, Astrid

Tales from Allotment Lane School (Young Puffin Books)

By Margaret, Joy

The Witches (Puffin Books)

By Blake, Quentin, Dahl, Roald, Quentin Blake, Roald Dahl

The Further Adventures of Gobbolino And the Little Wooden Horse (Young Puffin Books)

By Williams, Ursula Moray, Baynes, Pauline

A Very Long Way from Anywhere Else (Puffin Plus)

By Le Guin, Ursula K.

Little Dog Lost: The Life And Adventures of Pepito (Young Puffin Books)

By Hooke, Nina Warner

Healer (Puffin Story Books)

By Peter, Dickinson

Limerick Delight (Puffin Books)

By Parrott, E.O.

Round the Christmas Tree (Young Puffin Books)

By Corrin, Sara, Corrin, Stephen

The Jungle Book (Puffin Story Books)

By Rudyard, Kipling

Mr Berry's Ice-Cream Parlour (Young Puffin Books)

By Jennifer, Zabel

The Viking Saga: Viking's Dawn; the Road to Miklagard; Viking's Sunset: "Viking's Dawn", "Road to Miklagard" and "Viking's Sunset" (Puffin Books)

By Henry, Treece

Quick, Let's Get Out of Here (Puffin Books)

By Rosen, Michael, Michael Rosen

Eloise: A Book For Precocious Grown-Ups (Young Puffin Books)

By Kay, Thompson

Three Cheers For Ragdolly Anna!: Ragdolly Anna And the Giant Sunflower; Ragdolly Anna is Lost; Ragdolly Anna And the Scarecrow; Ragdolly Anna And the ... Anna's Christmas (Young Puffin Books)

By Jean, Kenward

Ragdolly Anna

By Jean, Kenward

Roald Dahl: A Biography (Puffin Books)

By Chris, Powling