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Religious Education in the Primary Curriculum: Teaching Strategies and Practical Activities

By Cole, W.Owen, Evans-Lowndes, Judith

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Passover (Living Festivals S.)

By Scholefield, Lynne

Tchrs' (Living Festivals S.)

By Mayled, Jon

Quick Questions on Christianity

By Hunt, Dilwyn

The Lutheran Church (Christian denominations series)

By Long, Roy

Buddhism in Words and Pictures (Words & Pictures)

By Thorley, Sarah

Oxfam (Charities S.)

By Parker, Stephen

Outcasts of the Rubbish-Dumps The Story of Sister Emmanuelle

By Monica Wyatt

The Healing Touch The Story of Ruth Pfau

By Monica Wyatt

A Living Memorial The Story of Sue Ryder

By Audrey Constant

A Man with a Vision The Story of John Groom

By Nancy Martin

Wheelchair Surgeon: Story of Mary Verghese (Faith in Action)

By Clifford, Joan

Mission for a Pilot: Story of Leonard Cheshire (Faith in Action)

By Owen, R. J.

Friend of Prisoners: Story of Elizabeth Fry (Faith in Action)

By Hanks, Geoffrey

A man with a Vision The story of John groom

By Nancy Martin

In the Streets of Calcutta: Story of Mother Teresa (Faith in Action)

By Constant, Audrey

Down Among the Dead Men: Story of Sally Trench (Faith in Action)

By Hanks, Geoffrey

Exploring the Bible: Kings, Prophets and Exile Bk. 2

By Goldstein, Andrew

Exploring the Bible: Founders to Judges Bk. 1

By Goldstein, Andrew

In His Service: The Stories of Mother Teresa, Chad Varah, Corrie Ten Boom, Helen Keller, William Booth Bk. 1 (Faith in Action)

By Hanks, Geoffrey, Owen, R. J.

In His Service: Bk.3 (Faith in Action)

By Hanks, Geoffrey, Owen, R. J.

Guru Nanak's Birthday (Living Festivals) (Living Festivals S.)

By Margaret Davidson

May Day (Living Festivals S.)

By Sampson, Fay

Succot and Simchat Torah (Living Festivals S.)

By Scholefield, Lynne

A Home for All Children: The Story of Dr Barnardo (Faith in action)

By Hanks, Geoffrey

Outcasts of the Rubbish-dumps: Story of Sister Emmanuelle (Faith in Action)

By Wyatt, Monica

Free at Last: Story of Martin Luther King (Faith in Action)

By Owen, R. J.

Sarah and Paul Again

By Reeve, Joan

Bible Smuggler: Story of Brother Andrew (Faith in Action)

By Wallington, David

City of Darkness: Story of Jackie Pullinger (Faith in Action)

By Hanks, Geoffrey