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Princess and Curdie

By Macdonald, George

The Big Bible Storybook: 188 Bible Stories to Enjoy Together (The Bible storybook range)

By Maggie Barfield

Mega Top Tips on Dealing with Challenging Behaviour: Practical Pointers for Anyone Working with Children and Young People

By Brown, Sue, Langtree, Alice

Into the Bible: 101 Routes to Explore

By Mostyn, David

Into the Bible: 101 Routes to Explore

By Mostyn, David

Jesus Teaches (Little Fish)

By Stowell, Gordon

Social Conscience of the Evangelical

By Wirt, Sherwood Eliot

Great Reversal

By Moberg, David O.

Teaching of the New Testament (Bible Study Commentary S.)

By Guthrie, Donald

New Testament (v. 3) (Picture Bible for All Ages)

By Hoth, Iva, Olmstead, C.Elvan

Meditations on the Psalms: v. 1

By Blaiklock, E.M.

Lamentations-Daniel (Bible Study Books)

By Wright, John Stafford

Living as God's People

By Guthrie, Donald

The Lamb and the Good Shepherd (Bobbly Bible Tales)

By Su Box, Caleb Woodbridge, Sarah Connor

Jesus Feeds a Crowd (Bible Friends): A Bible Friends Bible Story (Big Bible Storybook)

By Maggie Barfield

Faith Shapers: Kids' Crafts with a Message

By Herbert, Nadia


By Scripture Union

On Your Marks: Bible Activities for Your Group Aged 8 to 10 (Time for action)

By Sabbagh, Lorna

Making Contact: Living with Others (Serendipity Youth series)

By Dunnell, Terry, Graystone, Andrew, Powell, Chris

The Easter Bible Storybook (paperback) (Bible Friends): A Bible Friends story (Big Bible Storybook)

By Maggie Barfield, Mark Carpenter

On the Trail of Jesus

By Ginobi, Mare, J., North, Rosemary

The Family Pilgrim's Progress (The Pilgrim's Progress)

By John Bunyan, Jean Watson (retold by)

My little red book: First steps in Bible reading (Tiddlywinks)

By Willoughby, Ro

Xpedition Force

By Anon

Diary of a Disciple

By Gemma Willis, Emma Randall

Open to Others: Ephesians - Overcoming Barriers in Today's Church (Word for Today S.)

By Buchanan, Colin

Letters from Prison

By Burbridge, Branse

Frogs in Cream: Sparkling Resources for Speakers

By Gaukroger, Stephen, Mercer, Nick

Everyone Matters

By Williams, Tricia

"Harry Potter": What Does the Bible Say About... (Connect)

By Archer, D., Watkins, T.