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Brochs of Scotland (Shire Archaeology)

By Ritchie, J.N.G.

1 available

Aviation Archaeology in Britain (Shire Archaeology): 80

By Bédoyère, Guy de la

1 available

Shawls (Shire Album S.)

By Clabburn, Pamela

1 available

Rare Breeds (Shire album)

By Alderson, Lawrence

1 available

Crochet (Shire album)

By Turner, Pauline

1 available

Trapping and Poaching (Shire Album S.)

By Ingram, Arthur

1 available

Woodworking Tools (Shire Album): No. 50

By Walker, Philip

1 available

English Architecture (Discovering): 244 (Discovering S.)

By West, T.W.

1 available

Medieval Roads and Tracks (Shire Archaeology)

By Hindle, Paul

1 available

Railway Architecture

By Cockman, F.G.

London Theatres and Concert Halls

By Shipley, Debra, Peplow, Mary

Villages in Roman Britain (Shire Archaeology): No. 49

By Hanley, Robin

The English Rococo Garden (Shire Library)

By Symes, Michael

Roman Villas (Shire archaeology series)

By Johnston, David E.

Embroidered Georgian Pictures (Shire Album): 3 (Shire Album S.)

By Swain, Margaret

Mechanical Music

By McElhone, Kevin

Ceramic Water Closets (Shire Album): 379 (Shire Album S.)

By Munroe, Blair

Firegrates and Kitchen Ranges (Shire Album) (Shire Library)

By Eveleigh, David E.

Everyday Fashions of the 20th Century (History in Camera): 1 (History in Camera S.)

By Lansdell, Avril

Wedding Fashions, 1860-1980 (History in camera)

By Lansdell, Avril

Victorian Childhood (Shire Library): No. 587

By Sacks, Janet

Bells and Bellringing (Discovering): No. 2 (Discovering S.)

By Camp, John

Toy Steam Engines: No. 137 (Shire Library)

By Bob Gordon

Toy Trains: 255 (Shire album)

By Salisbury, David

Industrial Narrow Gauge Railways (Shire Album): 145

By Dean, Ian

Sailing Barges

By Hazell, Martin

Timber-framed Buildings (Discovering S.)

By Harris, Richard

The Victorian Ironmonger

By Meadows, Cecil A.

Newts of the British Isles (Shire natural history)

By Wisniewski, Patrick J.

Country Winemaking (Discovering): 249 (Discovering S.)

By More, Daphne