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Dwarf Cichlids: Keeping and Breeding Them in Capitivity

By Boruchowitz, David E.


By Paradise, Paul R.

Ball Pythons: A Complete Guide to Python Regius (Complete Herp Care)

By Collette Sutherland

Your First Lizard (Your First Series)

By Walls, Jerry A.

The Guide to Owning a Lovebird

By Boruchowitz, David E.

English Springer Spaniels

By McCarty, Diane

A Beginner's Guide to Hamsters

By Stephens, Jay

Tropical Fish

By Axelrod, Herbert R.

Step-by-step Book About Hamsters

By Barrie, Anmarie


By Gos, Michael W.

Piranhas: Fact and Fiction

By Quinn, John R.

Step by Step Book About Stick Insects

By Alderton, David

Handbook of Tropical Aquarium Fishes

By Axelrod, Herbert R., Schultz, Leonard

Catfishes for the Advanced Hobbyist

By Emmens, C.W., Axelrod, Herbert R.

Tropical Fish: The Rising Generation (Save Our Planet S.)

By Sommer, Wolfgang

Jack Russell Terriers ("KW" S.)

By Nicholas, Anna Katherine

Mollies: Keeping and Breeding Them in Capitivity

By Glass, Spencer

The Guide to Owning Oscars (Aquatic)

By Richard F. Stratton

Rasboras: Keeping and Breeding Them in Capitivity

By Brittan, Martin R.

The Guide to Owning Tetras (Aquatic)

By Spencer Glass

Jumbo Fishes for the Large Aquarium

By Axelrod, Herbert R.


By Geis, Richard

The Guide to Owning Rainbow Fishes

By Lambert, Derek

A Complete Guide to Newts and Salamanders

By Byron, Bjorn

Your First Goldfish (Your First Series)

By Gilbert, Mariana

Quick and Easy Puppy Care and Training

By The Pet Experts at T F H

Encyclopaedia of Pet Rabbits

By Robinson, David

Step by Step Book About Parrots

By Radford, Elaine

A Beginner's Guide to Canaries

By Marsden, Norton

Seahorses in Your Home

By Bellomy, Mildred D.