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The Story of Writing: Alphabets, Hieroglyphs and Pictograms

By Andrew Robinson

Inside the Neolithic Mind: Consciousness, Cosmos and the Realm of the Gods

By David Lewis-Williams, David Pearce

Shaping the World: Sculpture from Prehistory to Now

By Gormley, Antony, Gayford, Martin

Jane Austen: Literary Lives (Thames & Hudson Literary Lives)

By Marghanita Laski

Derek Jarman's Garden

By Derek Jarman, Howard Sooley

Books of the Dead: Manuals for Living and Dying (Art and Imagination)

By Stanislav Grof

How to Thrive in the Next Economy: Designing Tomorrow's World Today

By John Thackara

The Lindisfarne Painting Book (Painting Books)

By Aidan Meehan

Food: The History of Taste

By Paul Freedman

The Mind in the Cave: Consciousness and the Origins of Art

By Lewis-Williams, David

Sky Hunters: The Passion of Falconry

By Amirsadeghi, Hossein

Herman de Vries: chance and change

By Mel Gooding

The First Humans: The Search for our Origins (New Horizons)

By Herbert Thomas, Paul G. Bahn

The Golden Treasures of Troy: The Dream of Heinrich Schliemann (New Horizons)

By Hervé Duchêne, Jeremy Leggatt

Historical Atlas of Central Europe: From The Early Fifth Century to The Present

By Paul Robert Magocsi

The Russian Experiment in Art 1863-1922: -World of Art Series- (E): 0

By Camilla Gray, Marian Burleigh-Motley

Monsters: A Bestiary of the Bizarre

By Christopher Dell

Ireland: A Concise History (Illustrated National Histories)

By Máire Cruise O'Brien, Conor Cruise O'Brien

What is Painting?: Representation and Modern Art

By Julian Bell

Revolutions: How they changed history and what they mean today

By Peter Furtado

Forgotten Peoples of the Ancient World

By Matyszak, Philip

Ancestral Journeys: The Peopling of Europe from the First Venturers to the Vikings

By Jean Manco

Lost Cities of the Maya (New Horizons)

By Claude Baudez, Sydney Picasso

Knossos: Unearthing a Legend (New Horizons)

By Alexandre Farnoux, David J. Baker

The Search for Ancient Egypt: (New Horizons)

By Jean Vercoutter, Ruth Sharman

Hip Hotels: City

By Herbert Ypma

Typography Sketchbooks: Steven Heller and Lita Talarico

By Steven Heller, Lita Talarico

Architecture: A Modern View

By Richard Rogers

Sculpture Now: World of Art

By Moszynska, Anna

The Writer's Map: An Atlas of Imaginary Lands

By Lewis-Jones, Huw