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Imperial Marriage: An Edwardian War and Peace

By Hugh Cecil, Mirabel Cecil

Mugabe: Teacher, Revolutionary, Tyrant

By Andrew Norman

Jane Austen: An Unrequited Love

By Andrew Norman

The Typhoon Story (Story of)

By Tim McLelland

Omaha Beach: A Flawed Victory

By Adrian R. Lewis

Dilemmas of the Desert War: The Libyan Campaign of 1940-1942: The Libyan Campaign 1940-1942

By Michael Carver

Hereford Utd

By David Edge, Denise Powell

The Royal Yacht "Britannia": Inside the Queen's Floating Palace

By Brian Hoey

Montacute (National Trust Guidebooks): Somerset

By Malcolm Rogers

Worth the Detour: A History of the Guidebook

By Nicholas T Parsons

Throwley 1917-1919: Kent's Forgotten Airfield

By Anthony Moore

Front-Line Kent

By Michael Foley

Beyond the Gatehouse: The Eccentric Lives of England's Aristocracy

By David Long

Brunel: pocket GIANTS

By Eugene Byrne

Robert the Bruce: pocket GIANTS

By Fiona Watson

Abraham Lincoln: pocket GIANTS

By Adam I.P. Smith

King Arthur: pocket GIANTS

By Nick Higham

Charles Darwin: pocket GIANTS

By Stephen Webster

Isaac Newton: pocket GIANTS

By Dr Andrew May

Henry V: pocket GIANTS

By A. J. Pollard

Henry Ford: pocket GIANTS

By David Long

Giuseppe Verdi: pocket GIANTS

By Daniel Snowman

Brick History: Amazing Historical Scenes to Build from LEGO

By Warren Elsmore

A Child's War: Growing Up on the Home Front

By Mike Brown

Edison and the Electric Chair

By Mark Essig

The Big Book of Pain: Torture and Punishment Through History

By Mark P Donnelly, Daniel Diehl

The Land Rover Story

By Giles Chapman

The London Cabbie

By Alf Townsend


By Bob Hollingsbee

Lady Jane Grey

By Alison Plowden