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21st Century Britain History

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DC Confidential

By Meyer, Sir Christopher

1 available

Long to Reign Over Us: Official 90th Birthday Album (Souvenir Album)

By Leah Kharibian

1 available

The Evolution of the British Welfare State: A History of Social Policy since the Industrial Revolution

By Fraser, Derek

1 available

Get It Together: Why We Deserve Better Politics

By Williams, Zoe

1 available

Imperial nostalgia: How the British Conquered Themselves

By Peter Mitchell

The Palace Papers: The Sunday Times bestseller

By Brown, Tina

Finding Tipperary Mary

By Phyllis Whitsell

Untitled: The Real Wallis Simpson, Duchess of Windsor

By Pasternak, Anna

Blood Legacy: Reckoning With a Family’s Story of Slavery

By Renton, Alex

The Queen at 90: Royal Album

By Sam Wilkinson

The Last Colony: A Tale of Exile, Justice and Britain’s Colonial Legacy

By Sands, Philippe, Rowson, Martin

Britain for Sale: British Companies in Foreign Hands – The Hidden Threat to Our Economy

By Brummer, Alex

The Lost Decade: 2010–2020, and What Lies Ahead for Britain

By Toynbee, Polly, Walker, David

Yours, E.R.

By Blacker, Terence

Square Haunting: Five Women, Freedom and London Between the Wars

By Wade, Francesca

State and Society: A Social and Political History of Britain Since 1870

By Pugh, Martin

Say Nothing: A True Story of Murder and Memory in Northern Ireland

By Radden Keefe, Patrick

Who Are We Now?: Stories of Modern England

By Cowley, Jason

The Herald of Coming Good

By Gurdjieff, George, Smith, Sally Bedell

Tony's Ten Years: Memories of the Blair Administration

By Boulton, Adam

The Prime Ministers We Never Had: Success and Failure from Butler to Corbyn

By Richards, Steve

Queen Elizabeth II: A Diamond Jubilee Souvenir Album (Royal Collection Publications - Souvenir Album)

By Jane Roberts

The Anatomy Of New Scotland

By Hassan, Gerry

Behind the Black Door

By Brown, Sarah

Global Statesman: How Gordon Brown Took New Labour to the World (Intelligence, Surveillance and Secret Warfare)

By David M. Webber

Battle of Brothers: The true story of the royal family in crisis – UPDATED WITH 12 NEW CHAPTERS

By Lacey, Robert

Queen Elizabeth II: Level 3 (Usborne Young Reading) (Young Reading Series 3)

By Susanna Davidson

Behind the Enigma: The Authorised History of GCHQ, Britain’s Secret Cyber-Intelligence Agency

By Ferris, John

A Journey

By Tony Blair

Access to History: Britain 1951-2007 Second Edition

By Lynch, Michael