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The History of Mathematics

By Fauvel, John, Gray, Jeremy, John Fauvel, Jeremy Gray

Mastering Philosophy (Macmillan Master S.)

By Harrison-Barbet, Anthony

Problems of Political Philosophy

By Raphael, D. D.

Ethics and Values in Social Work (British Association of Social Workers (BASW) Practical Social Work)

By Banks, Sarah

French Revolution Debate in Britain: The Origins of Modern Politics (British History in Perspective)

By Claeys, Gregory

Philip II (European History in Perspective)

By Williams, Patrick

The Economics of Asymmetric Information

By Hillier, Brian

Anti-Racist Social Work: A Challenge for White Practitioners and Educators (British Association of Social Workers (BASW) Practical Social Work)

By Dominelli, Lena

Lenin: The Practice and Theory of Revolution (European History in Perspective)

By White, James D

Ever Closer Union: An Introduction to European Integration (European Union)

By Desmond Dinan

Deconstructing History

By Munslow, Alun

Philosophical Logic: An Introduction

By Wolfram, Sybil

J.S. Mill's On Liberty in Focus (Philosophers in Focus)

By Bromley, Richard G.

The Museum Time Machine: Putting Cultures on Display (Comedia)

By Lumley, Robert

The stoics (Ancient culture and society)

By Sandbach, F.H.

Developing Multiprofessional Teamwork For Integrated Children'S Services

By Anning, Angela

Managerial Economics: A European Text

By Petrochilos, George A.

Science in Society

By David, Matthew

Economics, Strategy and the Firm

By Cashian, Paul

An Introduction to Integrative Psychotherapy

By Evans, Ken R., Gilbert, Maria C.

Existential Perspectives on Human Issues: A Handbook for Therapeutic Practice

By van Deurzen, Emmy, Arnold-Baker, Claire

Cultural History (Theory and History)

By Green, Dr Anna

Globalization: A Critical Introduction

By Scholte, Jan Aart

Essential Economics: A Guide for Business Students

By Ferguson, Ken

The Economics of Sport: An International Perspective

By Sandy, Robert, Sloane, Peter, Rosentraub, Mark

Enemies of Hope: A Critique of Contemporary Pessimism

By Tallis, R.

Interpreting Modern Political Philosophy: From Machiavelli to Marx

By Edwards, Alistair, Townshend, Jules

Modern Theories of Performance: From Stanislavski to Boal

By Milling, Jane, Ley, Graham

Studying Economics: 45 (Palgrave Study Skills)

By Atkinson, Brian, JOHNS, Susan

Internet Ethics

By Langford, Duncan