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Nelson Mandela: Symbol of Resistance and Hope for a Free South Africa: Selected Speeches Since His Release

By International Defence and Aid Fund, Mandela, Nelson, Reddy, E. S.

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Black Power: The Politics of Liberation in America (Pelican S.)

By Carmichael, S., Hamilton, C.V.

Granta 130: India: Another Way of Seeing: New Indian Writing (Granta: The Magazine of New Writing)

By Ian Jack

Going Public: How Africa's Integration Can Work for the Poor (Africa Research Institute Policy Voices Series)

By Senghor, Jeggan Colley, Ashurst, Mark, Bhalla, Jonathan, O'Brien, Aoiffe, Paice, Edward, Rawlinson, Anthony

Navi Pillay: Working For Human Rights and the Law (Blackamber Inspirations): Realising Human Rights for All

By Samantha Naidu

The Aten of Ganawuri: A socio-political history of ethnic minorities in Plateau State, Nigeria

By Berthoud, Gerald

The Long Walk to Freedom: The Autobiography of Nelson Mandela: Birthday Edition

By Mandela, Nelson

The Right to Know, the Right to Live: Access to Information and Socio-economic Justice

By Tilley, A., Calland, Richard

Some of my best friends are white

By Ngcobo, Ndumiso

The congress of the people and freedom charter: A people's history

By Vadi, Ismail

Run, racist, run

By McKaiser, Eusebius

Barack Obama For Beginners: An Essential Guide

By Bob Neer

Paulin Hountondji: African Philosophy as Critical Universalism (Global Political Thinkers)

By Dübgen, Franziska, Skupien, Stefan

Constitutional Asymmetry in Multinational Federalism: Managing Multinationalism in Multi-tiered Systems (Federalism and Internal Conflicts)

By Popelier, Patricia, Sahadžić, Maja

Schooling in Sub-Saharan Africa: Policy, Practice and Patterns

By Harber, Clive

Africa-Europe Research and Innovation Cooperation: Global Challenges, Bi-regional Responses

By Cherry, Andrew, Haselip, James, Ralphs, Gerard

Campaign Professionalism during Egypt’s 2012 Presidential Election (Political Campaigning and Communication)

By Elsheikh, Dalia

Democracy under Threat: A Crisis of Legitimacy? (Challenges to Democracy in the 21st Century)

By Van Beek, Ursula

Shaping the EU Global Strategy: Partners and Perceptions (The European Union in International Affairs)

By Chaban, Natalia, Holland, Martin

Black Feminist Politics from Kennedy to Trump

By Harris, Duchess

Foundations of Just Cross-Cultural Dialogue in Kant and African Political Thought (International Political Theory)

By Bird, Gemma K.

The Ottoman Press (1908-1923): 67 (Ottoman Empire and Its Heritage)

By Erol A. F. Baykal

Women and the Remaking of Politics in Southern Africa Negotiating Autonomy, Incorporation and Representation by Geisler, Gisela ( Author ) ON Jan-31-2004, Paperback

By Geisler, Gisela

A political history of Munhumutapa c 1400-1902

By Jeanne Willis, Mudenge, S. I. G

Arabs: A History

By Rogan, Eugene

Abraham Lincoln And the Road to Emancipation 1861-1865

By Klingman, WILLIAM

The Poisoned Well: Empire and Its Legacy in the Middle East

By Hardy, Roger

Toward the African Revolution

By Fanon, Frantz

China Returns to Africa: A Rising Power and a Continent Embrace

By Chris Alden, Daniel Large, Ricardo Soares de Oliveira

All Things Censored

By Abu-Jamal, Mumia, Hanrahan, Noelle