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An Introduction to Multi-agent Systems

By Wooldridge, Michael

Encyclopaedia of Artificial Intelligence

By Shapiro, SC

Design and Development of Knowledge-based Systems: From Life Cycle to Methodology (Wiley Professional Computing)

By Guida, Giovanni, Tasso, Carlo

Intelligent Sensor Technology (Wiley Series in Measurement Science and Technology)

By Ohba, Ryoji

Discourse and Cognition: Bridging the Gap (Conceptual Structure, Discourse, and Language)

By Koenig, Jean-Pierre

Logic and Representation (Center for the Study of Language and Information Publication Lecture Notes)

By Moore, Robert C.

Bill Bryson 3 Books Collection Set (The Body A Guide for Occupants, A Short History of Nearly Everything, Troublesome Words)

By Bill Bryson, The Body A Guide for Occupants, 978-0857522405, 085752240X, 9780857522405, A Short History of Nearly Everything, 978-1784161859, 1784161853, 9781784161859, Troublesome Words, 978-0141040394, 0141040394, 9780141040394

The Elements of Statistical Learning: Data Mining, Inference and Prediction (Springer Series in Statistics)

By Hastie, Trevor, Tibshirani, Robert, Friedman, Jerome

How Machines Think: General Introduction to Artificial Intelligence Illustrated in PROLOG

By Ford, Nigel

Theory of Information and Coding

By McEliece, Robert J.

Handbook of Fingerprint Recognition (Springer Professional Computing)

By Maltoni, Davide, Maio, Dario, Jain, Anil K., Prabhakar, Salil

Infotechnology: Changing the Way We Communicate

By Meadows, A. J.

Are We Unique?: Scientist Explores the Unparalleled Intelligence of the Human Mind

By Trefil, James

Expert Systems in the Microelectronic Age

By Michie, Donald