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Ancient Egyptian History & Civilisation

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The Great Pyramid Decoded

By Lemesurier, Peter

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Decoding Egyptian Hieroglyphs: How to Read the Sacred Language of the Pharaohs

By McDermott, Bridget

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The Great Pyramid: Its Secrets and Mysteries Revealed

By Smyth, P.

1 available

Roman Britain

By Somerset Fry, Plantagenet

1 available

The Greeks

By Kitto, H.

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History: The Definitive Visual Guide - From the Dawn of Civilization to the Present Day

By Hart-Davis, Adam, Lindbriar Corporation, Overy, Richard, Roberts, J.A.G, Harrison, Ian, Kay, Ann, Harrison, James, Matthews, Rupert, Cussans, Thomas, Adams, Simon, Sirett, Natalie, Regan, Sally

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Mummy: The Inside Story

By John H. Taylor

The British Museum Illustrated Atlas Of Ancient Egypt

By Delia Pemberton


By Charmley, J

Art from the Past: the Aztecs

By Chapman, Gillian

Hieroglyphics (Teach Yourself Educational)

By Bonewitz, Ra

What St Paul Really Said

By Tom Wright, Wright, Tom

Antony and Cleopatra

By Goldsworthy, Adrian, Dr Adrian Goldsworthy Ltd

The Life And World Of Tutankhamen Paperback

By Williams, Brian

The Rough Guide History of Egypt

By HAAG, Michael, Rough Guides

The Pyramids of Egypt

By I E S Edwards

Masterpieces of Ancient Egypt

By Nigel Strudwick

Ancient Lives: New Discoveries: Eight mummies, Eight stories

By Taylor, John H., Antoine, Daniel

Journey Through the Afterlife: Ancient Egyptian Book of the Dead

By John H. Taylor

Ancient Egypt (Gods & myths series)

By Barnett, Mary, Michael Dixon

Symbol and Magic in Egyptian Art

By Wilkinson, Richard H.

The Gospels and Jesus (Oxford Bible S.)

By Stanton, Graham N, Graham N.

Draw Like an Egyptian

By Thorne, Claire

Food Fit for Pharaohs: An Ancient Egy

By Berriedale-Johnson, Miche

Egyptian Times: 5 (Armies of the Past)

By A Millard, Dr

Alexandria: The Sunken City

By La Riche, WILLIAM

The Complete Gods and Goddesses of Ancient Egypt

By Richard H. Wilkinson

Sacred Signs: Hieroglyphs in Ancient Egypt (Very Short Introductions)

By Wilson, Penelope

Hieroglyphics: The Writings of Ancient Egypt

By Maria Carmelo Betro

The Painted Tomb-Chapel of Nebamun: Masterpieces of Ancient Egyptian Art in the British Museum

By Richard Parkinson