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Counselling for Alcohol Problems

By Richard Velleman

Counselling and Spiritual Accompaniment: Bridging Faith and Person-Centred Therapy

By Brian Thorne (University of East Anglia, UK)

Understanding Children's Development

By Peter K. Smith (Goldsmiths College, University of London, UK), Helen Cowie (University of Surrey, Mark Blades (University of Sheffield

Casebook in Time-Limited Psychotherapy

By James Mann, Robert Goldman

Individual Psychotherapy and the Science of Psychodynamics

By David Malan

Her Little Secret: The most spine-chilling and unputdownable psychological thriller you will read this year!

By Stone, Julia

Nidotherapy: Harmonising the Environment with the Patient

By Tyrer, Peter, Helen

Treatment and Care in Old Age Psychiatry

By Levy, Raymond, Howard, Robert, Burns, Alistair

Counseling and Psychotherapy – A Christian Perspective

By Tan, Siang–yang

The Therapist'S Use Of Self (Applying Social Psychology)

By Rowan, John

Microanalysis in Music Therapy: Methods, Techniques and Applications for Clinicians, Researchers, Educators and Students

By Thomas Wosch and Tony Wigram

The Music Effect: Music Physiology and Clinical Applications

By Daniel J. Schneck and Dorita S. Berger

Music Therapy Methods in Neurorehabilitation: A Clinician's Manual

By Felicity Baker and Jeanette Tamplin

Improvisation: Methods and Techniques for Music Therapy Clinicians, Educators, and Students

By Wigram, Tony

Mental Handicap and the Human Condition: An Analytic Approach to Intellectual Disability (Revised Edition)

By Sinason, Valerie

When Parents Die: Learning to Live with the Loss of a Parent

By Abrams, Rebecca

Playful Learning: Develop Your Child's Sense of Joy and Wonder

By Bruehl, Mariah

Treatment and Rehabilitation of Severe Mental Illness: A Comprehensive Approach

By Spaulding, William D., Sullivan, Mary E., Poland, Jeffrey S.

Art Journals and Creative Healing: Restoring the Spirit Through Self-Expression

By Soneff, Sharon

Using CBT in General Practice, second edition: The 10 Minute CBT Handbook: The 10 Minute Consultation

By Lee David

Experience Mental Heal In-Pat Care: Narratives From Service Users, Carers and Professionals (The International Society for Psychological and Social Approaches to Psychosis Book Series)

By Hardcastle, Mark

Hydrotherapy in Practice

By Davis, B.C., Harrison, R. A.

The Ecology of Human Development: Experiments by Nature and Design

By Bronfenbrenner, U

Family Policy (The Gildredge Social Policy Series)

By Dey, Ian, Alcock, Pete, Professor, . Peter Alcock (S, Wasoff, Fran

Introducing Jung: A Graphic Guide (Graphic Guides)

By Hyde, Maggie, McGuinness, Michael, Pugh, Oliver

Mindworks: An Introduction to NLP

By Linden, Anne, Perutz, Kathrin

Next Steps in Counselling Practice: A students' companion for degrees, HE diplomas and vocational courses: A Students' Companion for Certificate and ... Certificate and Counselling Skills Courses

By Pete Sanders, Alan Frankland, Paul Wilkins

Psychotherapy and Counselling for Depression

By Gilbert, Paul

Trauma is Really Strange

By Steve Haines. Art by Sophie Standing.

The Therapeutic Relationship: Perspectives and Themes

By Sheila Haugh, Stephen Paul