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By Browning, Iain

1 available

Calvin (Lancaster Pamphlets)

By Mullett, Michael

3 available

Arts of China: A Short History

By Sullivan, Michael

1 available

Medieval Roads and Tracks (Shire Archaeology)

By Hindle, Paul

1 available

Brochs of Scotland (Shire Archaeology)

By Ritchie, J.N.G.

1 available

The Riddle of the Pyramids

By Mendelssohn, Kurt

1 available

The White Rock: An Exploration of the Inca Heartland

By Hugh Thomson

1 available

A Short Guide to the Roman Wall (Northern History Booklets)

By Rowland, T. H

1 available

The Search for Ancient Greece (New Horizons)

By Roland Etienne, Francoise Etienne

1 available

The Maldive Mystery

By Heyerdahl, Thor

1 available

The David & Charles Book of Castles

By Somerset Fry, Plantagenet

1 available

The Great Pyramid: Its Secrets and Mysteries Revealed

By Smyth, P.

1 available

The Celts (Pelican S.)

By Corcoran, J., Chadwick, Nora

1 available

Buddha (Gift Books)

By Delia Pemberton

1 available

A Closer Look: Colour (National Gallery London Publications)

By David Bomford, Ashok Roy

1 available

The Great Pyramid Decoded

By Lemesurier, Peter

1 available

Tutankhamen: The Life and Death of the Boy-king

By El Mahdy, Christine

The Ancient Maya: New Perspectives (Understanding Ancient Civilizations)

By McKillop, Heather Irene

Scenes from Prehistoric Life: From the Ice Age to the Coming of the Romans: One Million Years of Life in the British Isles

By Francis Pryor

Hadrian's Wall

By Dobson, Brian, Breeze, David J.; Breeze

Rise of Civilisation in India & Pak (Cambridge World Archaeology)

By Allchin, Bridget

Egyptology: An Introduction to the History, Culture and Art of Ancient Egypt

By Putnam, James

Why cultivate? Anthropological and Archaeological Approaches to Foraging-Farming Transitions in Southeast Asia (McDonald Institute Monographs)

By Barker, Graeme, Janowski, Monica

Ancient Egypt: A Very Short Introduction (Very Short Introductions)

By Shaw, Ian

Foragers and Farmers: Population Interaction and Agricultural Expansion in Prehistoric Europe (Prehistoric Archeology & Ecology PAE (CHUP))

By Gregg

Knossos: Unearthing a Legend (New Horizons)

By Alexandre Farnoux, David J. Baker

The Fall of the Ancient Maya: Solving the Mystery of the Maya Collapse

By David Webster

The Last Days of the Incas

By Kim MacQuarrie

Pompeii: The Living City

By Butterworth, Alex, Laurence, Ray

Maharaja: Pracht Der Indischen Fuerstenhöfe

By Jackson, A, Jaffer, Amin, Lange, C